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Weekday drinking 11-14 October 2021


Anyway, I didn’t even know that Marco Marengo made a Viole, so I can’t be that predictable (and mental note to self to try a Bricco delle Viole sometime).

No issue with the cork this time and it sure is a lovely wine when on form.
My plan from here is to drink the remaining 3 fairly soon with a back up in the fridge in case of disappointment.


Heidi Schröck’s ‘Wine Champion’ Blaufränkisch this evening:

What a fabulous wine - enjoyed from the first sniff, not to mention sip!

Lovely crimson-like colour (or is it magenta? or deep ruby? not sure), with alluring notes of blackberries, sour cherries, dark chocolate, cloves and leafy tomato stalk. On the palate - it’s medium bodied with fresh acidity and smooth texture. There’s lovely fresh and zesty fruit, though the interest comes from the more savoury, leafy, herbal notes and the bitter cocoa nib and spice. For the price - this is a complete wine, and a pure joy to drink with oodles of interest.

Heidi - ich leibe dich! :heart_eyes: :wine_glass:


This is a delight. Black currant and leather on the nose with good acidity and red cherry and smoke in the palate. Really chewy and perfect for an autumn evening. Merlot/corvina blend and a steal at £6.95.


This is very good indeed and punches significantly above its price point. Black berries, herbs and gets better with a little air. It’s full bodied but is actually quite light in its feet. Sorry I didn’t buy more.


Another Cairanne drinker tonight having discovered 2012 and 2016 bottles together slightly unexpectedly.

Went for the 2012 of course and am a bit startled by it. It’s 13.5%, which I suppose is not low, but felt it would be more on first opening, perhaps 14.5. Big powerful fruity aromas and flavours, with a little leather in the background. It’s a delicious, sh*t-kicking wine! Lovely!

(Apologies for getting too technical!)



I agree entirely with your comments; it’s an excellent wine with intense but fresh flavour.

This is bottle 2 of 12 and I fear for the longevity of the other 10.


11/10 Part 2 (Part 1 here,)

Our Monday night moved onward to Old Street following an afternoon with Sarah (9 wines plus a whisky) for a delicious meal at Passione Vino.

We had a little baccala thing, a mountain of shaved Coppa, followed by ragu with dumplings. What would normally take me a matter of minutes to put away somehow occupied our attention for just over (to our best estimate) three hours.

I put the blame for this temporal Bermuda Triangle squarely on the shoulders of the excellent Waiter / Sommelier - knowledgable & enthusiastic with just the right level of attention. We opted to drink by the glass (basically whatever is open, always something interesting); they ask what you feel like drinking, present you with some options (we got to try all the options) and you choose from that. We did this three times and felt like we hit jackpot each time.

Had to do a bit of detective work on the website this evening, but pretty sure we drank

Yum! Delicious as aperitif (and with baccala thingy), but developed in the glass to show a lovely complexity and length

Yum! Light skin contact Grillo - with coppa & bread. Lovely acidity, intensity & texture. Lucca says it better

With ragu @JamesE had a Tuscan Sangiovese and I went Nebbiolo, but at this point my memory fails me and I can’t find either on the website, both worked very nicely, however.

Despite much pleading, we weren’t allowed to try any of the Brunellos from that afternoon’s tasting downstairs, but we did have a sample of this, which was delightful


I’ve enjoyed your write-ups of what certainly sounds like an exceedingly good night out.

More troublingly, I’ve been reading up whatever I can find on those various I Custodi wines over the past few months, and on the basis of your comment above am now that little bit further towards a splurge :~]

Ditto with the Hanzell Chardonnay! I knew I should never have come near this place …

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Used to love an afternoon/evening like that, where you just roll through it all enjoying whatever comes. Maybe one day the little 14 month old dude will allow me to have one again….


Book one in. Things become less spontaneous but doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, particularly with reciprocation to your partner.

It’s become a lot less spontaneous here with my lot but it is just about possible with some notice.

I have a LN trip next week so I will be doing my best to explore what I can, particularly as my palette/palate is just about restored post covid

Since having three children my partner has found ultra marathons (can take 12 hours on a weekend :slight_smile: definitely no time for child care during that :slight_smile: so I feel less guilty about my work trips too!


Yes, definitely this. Having a marvellous partner is more important than what the little dude allows right now if you want an evening off. Of course, if you want an evening off with that partner it becomes even less spontaneous, but not impossible.


Good advice, ta, and I know Mrs A would happily take the hit for an evening if I wanted to go out to play. The truth is probably that things are being driven by a combination of guilt and actually quite enjoying being the one who gets him to sleep each night, with a touch of “we live in the middle of nowhere” thrown in for good measure!

That and the fact that my preferred drinking buddy is in a similar position at the moment, so it’s too easy just to head to one house or the other rather than properly going out.


This is very similar to my experience, Aspedini - my good wife would be perfectly happy for me to pop out to play sometimes, and she certainly does this herself sometimes. But I find myself simply not really wanting to, and preferring to stay home with wife & our boy instead. We too live in the sticks, and being quiet & peaceful here chez nous with the kritterz outside and the big kritter inside [and a nice bottle of wine open of course] is my idea of perfect happiness & life satisfaction at the moment :~}

To me, it’s one of the big pros of being an older dad - I’ve indulged in & enjoyed so much “my life” and “me-time” here there & everywhere over the years that I feel very little wish or need for it nowadays beyond getting my couple of solitary hours late at night to catch up with myself etc. I came to daddyhood relatively late, but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I must say.


I couldn’t have put it better myself, and I’m also in the older dad category.