Weekday drinking 03-07 April 2023

I’m enjoying one of these for this evening/s - a 2019 GB Burlotto Verduno Pelaverga. To go soon with a classic lazy meal of Cumberland sausages, tatties & beans, alongside a big dish of slow-cooked cabbage cooked in oyster sauce & a spot of Lao Gan Ma [shallots, Szechuan pepper, nuts & dried tofu in chilli oil - lovely stuff].

Needs little chit-chat on here this one - very tasty, very enjoyable and very more-ish. In a great place just now with some dark fruit and all those lovely herbals. Yum yum. I love Pelaverga, and this one in particular, with sausages / BBQs, I must say. Cellar temperature is my preference.

[A bit of a treat for midweek, yes, but I’m on leave this week; or in the sense of not having to be in at the chalkface at any rate - just some [lots!] assessment admin to catch up on in between being out in the sun and getting on top of the garden after a long hard winter.]


2010 Ormes de Pez for us. A good start to the week. Classic well balanced delicious claret


Running Horse 2010 or 2006 last night near location with aubergine parmigiana and lamb chops. Not sure whether to believe the label ‘write-over’ but either way it’s a delicious example of aged Hunter Shiraz - on the heavier/unctuous side of things and throwing a lot of sediment but lovely tertiary flavours whilst maintaining a freshness/fruit is still evident. May need to jettison more shoes from the suitcase and visit another cellar door…:man_facepalming:


Had a glass of Churrillo de Bodega last night. Fruity but elegant, the Tempranillo and the Garnacha show themselves there with a dark, brooding, Mencía undertone. These low intervention field blends from random Spanish areas are great (this is from near Burgos and doesn’t have a DO). Not too serious but with extremely fresh, clear fruit rather than anything bombastic. Medium body and more tannin than the nose would suggest.

Edit: price in bar was 3.30e a glass. You can buy a bottle in retail for around 18e. Spanish markups, eh.


Had a glass of Alalá for lunch. A red wine from Ribeiro and my first experience with the Sousón grape. Red, very middle of the road with some earthy and spicey notes. 2.8e a glass or 10e a bottle in retail.


1998 Clos des Papes, Blanc Châteauneuf-du-Pape (from a fine wine mystery case) - I will add a pic later. A 25 year old white wine.

Absolutely perfect ! in the glass clear and bright pale golden. Fridge cold its a bit ‘quiet’ yet the nose opens up in the glass without shouting - honeydew melon nose, ripe apricots, something tropical, a touch of gorse?

Palate is everything - more of everything on the nose but really ramped up. Totally mouthfilling. I was expecting hazelnuts but none to be found. Lovely acidity in balance with the restrained sense of richness - yet absolutely dry. Absolutely first class - quiet restraint, a very lovely wine.

A bit of a shame I opened this mid-week and straight from the fridge (thinking it might be iffy) rather than waiting until we had guests !

@m4rk You have a great bottle of wine to look forward to.


On the contrary, you get to enjoy the whole lot! Great to hear.


Bodegas Alvear PX Seco Bin 13 2021. Pale lemon. This is 3 days after opening. Apples, mainly baked but also green cooking apples. Some yeasty/bready notes like you get with some champage. Herbs and spices? fennel? Cinnamon? Very dry, very saline giving a lovely savoury/acid tang. I didn’t think so much of it a couple of days ago but this seems to be a lot more interesting 3 days after opening, really rather excellent and different.


Cheeky table for 1 after work *

Not sure about the white - it’s a bin end, I’m sitting outside so can’t see the specials board. Despite not knowing what it is, I’m loving the taste, fresh, lemony and a hint of Honeysuckle on the finish.

The red is Vitor Claro ‘Domino Foxtrot’ 2020 from Alentejo. Served chilled, this looks and smells natural, which it is, but it’s also delicious. Juicy red fruits, so vibrant and pleasurable. But of grip on the finish - perfect with the salty, fatty ham.

  • I managed to leave my keys at home and MrsB is out tonight, so I needed to find a way to kill some time before she gets home. Somehow that ended up as a couple of glasses of wine and cured meat on the table… :relaxed:

Three Italian wines over the last few days, of all hues and from various regions, with a South African interloper there too.

With pasta baked with Feta, tomatoes and garlic - this Sardinian Nuragus:

Cantina Santadi, ‘Pedraia’ Nuragus di Cagliari 2021

I think we only had Nuragus once, perhaps twice, in Sardinia - so it was nice to be able to pay attention a bit more this time round.

Not the most expressive or aromatic nose, but the fruit (Honeydew melon, ripe pears and apricots) was fresh and inviting, and there was an interesting whiff of yoghurt - maybe even cheese curd - there too. Soft and rounded on the palate, the fruit (melons, Mirabelle plums and apricots) was lively and underlined by a touch of honey; the medium finish left a bitter citrus pith note. Not complex, but well-made and in a way offers a rather unique flavour profile.

With Iberico Pork chops and mash we drank this Lagrein - bottle 2 of 3:

Kellerei Bozen, Lagrein aus Gries ‘Baron Eyrl’ 2019

An absolutely smashing example of Lagrein, a grape that is unlikely to ever become a blockbuster - which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Lovely semi-opaque purple in the glass, the nose had inviting notes of cherry yoghurt, plums and liquorice with a background note of dusty earth. Similar notes on the palate - ripe plums, blueberries and cherries, with liquorice and cinnamon and parma violets. Bright and appetising acidity and a pleasing tannic grip gave it good structure, the mouthfeel was rounded yet zesty and the finish quite long and spicy. What a delightful, food-friendly and joyous wine!

This evening, with ham hock leftovers made into a stir fry, this Tuscan rosé:

La Spinetta, Il Rosé di Casanova, 2020

Bought in a recent GWC sale (paid £12 rather than £21), this is a 50/50 blend of Sangiovese and Prugnolo Gentile. I thought PG was another name for Sangiovese, but perhaps it’s more of a local biotype? Anyway, this is a fantastic rosé!

The colour is not unlike a Friuli Ramato, the nose first hits with Med herbs and with some more swirling notes of peach, white currants and blossom emerge too. We love the palate - it’s got a wonderful chewy texture, with notes of peach kernel, blood orange and those Med herbs again, underlined by a zesty minerality. Long finish! One for food :ok_hand:

The South African interloper was the Graham Beck Rosé Brut NV, currently part of ‘10 for £10’ deal in Waitrose:

I just love this sparkling rosé! A touch of biscuit, redcurrants and strawberries on both nose and palate, and a very fresh pink grapefruit zest on the finish. Easy drinking, yes, but interesting and flavoursome at the same time. A steal at a tenner, though I’ll keep the other two bottles I bought for summer. @Aaronb - I wonder if you were unlucky with a duff bottle, or one kept badly? Although it’s equally possible that it’s just not to your taste :slight_smile:

We’re off to Israel tomorrow to visit my family, which we haven’t seen since just before the pandemic. We’re probably going to stick to Israeli wines as much as possible whilst there…

Hope everyone has a good Easter when it comes! :rabbit: :hatching_chick: :grin:


Excellent - be sure to post some pics, would be of great interest. My only experience of Israeli wines was a remote tasting masterclass of half a dozen indigenous varieties which 67 Pall Mall organised during lockdown in 2020.

But, @Inbar - a question. As Israel remains unticked on my bucket list I sure hope to go some day. But, here’s the thing… We’re finally going to Lebanon in May, and we had to confirm that our passports didn’t have an Israel entry stamp otherwise we would be unable to enter Lebanon. Is this situation reciprocal, do you know ?

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Ask for a second passport; you should be able to get one.

Will do my best! :grinning: :+1:

Hm! truth is - I don’t. It’s a depressing situation :frowning: I would love to go to Lebanon, but would be nervous even with British passport as it’s got the name of the Israeli town I was born in. But anyway - I do know that if one travels from Israel to any neighbouring country (Lebanon and Syria in the main - there’s a cold sort of peace with Egypt and Jordan) which doesn’t allow Israeli entry stamps, the Israeli border people will stamp a separate stand alone sheet for you, so that it’s stamped but it’s not actually ‘in your passport’ as it were.

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@Inbar , I hope you have good time in Israel and thanks for the notes on the Graham Beck Brut Rose as I picked up a couple of bottles myself today :+1:

This here tonight with a griddled mackerel* and a punchy warm potato salad dressed with EVOO, caramelised lemon, chilli, garlic, capers and basil.

‘This Is Not Your Grandma’s’ Eden Valley Riesling 2019 from Chaffey Bros. Picked up for £6 in Asda at the weekend.

Kerosene, zesty limes, something floral, and a twist of green herbs on the nose. Similar impressions on the briskly acidic, lime ( zest, pith and juice ) dominant palate. Lees-y minerality provides a bit of creamy texture to round off and balance the sharp flavours. A good example of its type and a lot of wine for the meagre price of entry.

*which, as always, set the hallway smoke alarm off !


Lady Brentw1 has to work tomorrow so our 36th Wedding Anniversary was celebrated modestly.

I did however excel in the kitchen.

Baked Salmon and King Prawn foil parcels with spring onion, chilli, ginger, soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, seasoning and fresh lime zest. All served on a bed of jasmine rice with lime juice and chopped coriander.

I didn’t photo it as we were hungry!


I would have easily killed some time too


A very happy anniversary to you and Lady B.

I love it when that sort of thing happens. Such a gorgeous food and wine combo there, too.

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Thanks for that - so all may not be lost. Probably a year or two away yet so maybe peace will break out amongst all the near and middle -Eastern countries by then. But I’m hugely looking forward to visiting Lebanon next month.

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Better get that extra passport application in now then😦

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