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Wedding wine recommendations


Afternoon All,

Getting married in May and looking for some suggestions for wines from the society to enjoy at the wedding breakfast.

With corkage being on the high side at the venue looking to spend around £10 per btl on white and £12 on red.

Any recommendations that would please a large crowd would be gratefully received



Hi @vinnydavidson22, Have a look here, there is infact a WHOLE thread dedicated to this very topic.
Failing finding anything that pips your interest, I’m sure the rest of the community will be only too excited to help you.


I’d recommend an English white, perhaps this one

easy drinking and something to talk about.


Gosh, you’re spoilt for choice at this price range! I always find Cotes-du-Rhone a real crowd-pleaser and hugely adaptable to various foods, and this one’s a super vintage and a long-term fave producer:

I also second @tom’s suggestion of an English white, although this is also a real gem that seems to be universally liked (and I love d’Arenberg!)

You don’t happen to live nearish to our Showroom in Stevenage, do you? We have a great team of staff who regularly help members with wedding wines too! :smiley:


My sone got married a few years ago in August. We were hoping for good weather but had to plan for both good and bad weather gods on the assumption that beautiful warm sunshine was likely to result in more white being consumed than red, especially as pre-breakfast drinks.
We therefore ordered excess quantities of both white and red to cover all bases as we knew that we could return unused wine back to the Society.
As it turned out, the day was warm and sunny and we were correct in our assumption that a lot of pre-prandial white was consumed.
Regarding the choice of wines, we chose the Society’s White Burgundy (nice with and without food) and Navajas Rioja (a match to the food being served).
It is important to consider the format for the wedding and when during the proceedings wine will be drunk. Also, the wine should complement the food being served. So, the choice is huge.
The real point of posting this message was to ensure you were aware of the flexibility the Society can offer re supply and return so that you can ensure you don’t run out!


I actually recently got married and got the wine from guess where… WS.

We picked Stephane Ogier Cotes-Du-Rhone and Bleasdale Chardonnay from the Adelaide Hills. Both went down really really well with the guests. We made it bit of fun with the family before the wedding by cooking the wedding menu and doing some tastings, people who didn’t like chardonnay well it turns out they like it after all!