Wedding Wine - Advice/Recommendations


Pretty new to The Wine Society, am really enjoying trying lots of new wines! Myself and my partner are getting married in June and are able to supply the wine for our wedding breakfast so were hoping to get it all from TWS.

Our budget is £12 per bottle for Reds and £10 per bottle for Whites. In terms of reds we have traditionally stuck to Southern France Reds or South American Malbecs and generally Pinot Grigio if its white. We are definitely happy to recieve any suggestions outside of the regions.

Our current favourites from the few we have tried are:





Hi @Justinsaid, welcome to the community and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. The community members I’m sure will be only too happy to help but in the meantime have look at this as there’s a WHOLE AMA dedicated to this topic.


Have fun trying a wide range before you make the final decision. TWS often have great offers on full cases, so watch out for these. And best wishes for a wonderful day.


Congratulations. The only word of advice that I’d give is that you are buying wine for the masses rather than for you, so (unless you have a crowd of wine lovers) probably best to go with wines that you know will be familiar crowd pleasers rather than something more “marmite”.

For example, may of us here are big fans of Riesling but it’s not a good option for a function as many people will turn their noses up at it.

A good Pinot Grigio (as you have suggested) is a great option especially at that price (although I haven’t tried that particular one).

For the red a Pinot Noir would be a good choice, again it wont alienate anyone and not too heavy so you don’t run the risk of people falling asleep after a few glasses of full bodied red.


Excellent advice from @MrNXM

Based on his advice you could go with either of the following two:

Also, @M1tch has started a thread about the virtues of Domaine Laborie, also worth a look.

For whites, you can’t go wrong with either of these two:

Hope these help


Wine for breakfast ! now that is an idea. Something I only manage on long haul flights when someone else is paying.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the word ‘breakfast’ - but I cant see any Red working (unless a light Beaujolais?) - ditto still whites need a lift with soda water or fruit juice which destroys anything expensive.

Sparkling wine seems the way forward. You have til June to get your research in !

I would suggest a sparkling Alsace? but that will be double your price point. My advise is to bulk things out with offering plenty of fruit juice, water with cucumber & ice, and non alcoholic fizz (komucha is great)

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Thanks for the advice so far and @Leah for some suggestions that we will definitely give a try.

@lapin_rouge wedding breakfast is a traditional wedding meal served in the afternoon (generally) :slight_smile:


Oh… breakfast in the afternoon. I’ve been away from Hertfordshire too long … still go with Beaujolais though.

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We’ve got a Wine Basics for that :wink:

Not specific wine matches, but might help you choose between styles and grape varieties. Hope it helps!


I was tasked with selecting wines for a friend’s wedding last year. Reasonably tight budget and none of the cheaper Pinots were much liked on my tastings.
Fizz …

This went down very well. A summer wedding,outdoors and good weather helped, but for most people this was their first choice.

Red was the Domain Laborie. It’s a nice simple red, but I think only 2 bottles out of 24 were drunk. Largely due to most sticking with the Fizz.

A couple of Aussie reds to consider, both are easy drinking and good value with very little that anyone would find objectionable! A bit like a decent red from SW France but at a much better price.

There are some nice Spanish reds at sensible money too.

iirc TWS May do sale or return on complete cases if unopened? Which may help you with Rule #1 of wedding wine buying.
Do Not Run Out of booze.
At my own wedding I had 156 bottles for 100 people, there were 8 bottles left at the end.

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For our silver wedding anniversary (I know, not the same but still a meal with nice wine most people would enjoy) we had

They all went down very well with attendees.

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Happy anniversary, @JayKay! Hope you had a lovely time… :relaxed:

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Thanks for all the recommendations guys, we have ordered a varied selection of reds and whites in our price range. Looking forward to the selection process :slight_smile:


Happy tasting!
IMO its worth noting how the wines taste when you’ve first opened them. Might seem obvious but staff on the day will pop the cork and pour, anything which really needs decanting won’t get the attention it deserves. You can give all sorts of “instructions” to the caterers, but on the day things like that rarely happen.
Enjoy finding your wines and planning your day.