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Wedding in Croatia: recommendations for drinks



I am getting married in Croatia in June and am in charge of setting up/bringing alcohol and wine.

The wedding is on the seaside/island, so it should be warm but not too hot (low to mid 20s). Food is going to be octopus salad, lamb and beer roast , Dalmatian specialities and vegetarian pasta.

There is going to be approximately 100 people at the wedding.

I have already sourced local red and wine grapes, still need to find good sparkling wine which is a little bit harder.

I wanted to run through some numbers to see if they make sense:

  • 60 bottles of white wine
  • 48 bottles of red wine
  • 24 bottles of sparking wine (for toast and pre-dinner drink)

Pre dinner drinks:

  • G&T - 6 bottles of gin
  • Aperol Spritz - 18 bottles of Prosecco and 12 of Aperol

After dinner drinks / late night party

  • 6 bottles of whiskey
  • 12 bottles of brandy (local brandy)
  • Tequila (5 bottles)
  • Rum (3 bottles)

I can bring my own alcohol but have to pay for hotel soft drinks, we will have the regular: coke, juice, tonic.

Any advice on the quantities or mix.



Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.

My original thought was that, in my experience more red wine is consumed than white, but looking at the Wikipaedia entry for Croatian wine it says 67% of wine production is white so it seems the locals prefer white so ‘as you were’.

With the amount of booze you have it should be a very jolly event.

Later edit:

Have you enough fizz? You say this will be used for toast and pre-dinner drink. Assuming a 75cl bottle has 6 glasses (12.5cl) then you have 144 glasses worth of fizz. (6 x 24).

Not enough for 100 guests to drink both a toast and a pre-dinner drink. I’m assuming that of those 100 guests there will be some children and non-drinkers, but based on the quantities of other drinks, it seems to me that you may be underestimating the amount of fizz you need.


Thank you. I will update the sparking wine to 36 or 48 bottles. I am getting mixed messages on white vs. red wine, would be good to get more input to balance it out.


I can recommend a local liqueur, Maraschino, which is produced in Zadar. It would be good as an aperitif.