Website login issues

Anybody else having issues logging into the website?

It’s been a week that I experience login issues
If you login and it fails you need to open the page again

I usually do on phone/tablet- i get a page saying that there has been a problem and the page is not available. However if i click on the logo top left i find i am logged in :man_shrugging:


Yes same here
And I get logged off very quickly from the community pages - multiple times a day I would say

Usually if you refresh (so swipe down on a phone, refresh the tab on a computer) it logs you back in.

I’ve had this problem for about 12 - 18 months now, and this is the simple remedy someone on here pointed out.

Yes. Same here. It means going through extra steps to get to the community site. I wish they wd fix it.

unfortunately, does not do the trick… :frowning:

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I’ve asked our web team for an update on this as , I’ll share some feedback once I hear back!

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Can I ask, have the issues been happening on the website, Community, or both? Thanks in advance!

For me just when i try to log onto my account Teresa, so on the website. Community seems to stay logged on

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When I log into the community directly on my tablet it tells me there is a problem with that page. I can access the community by clicking on TWS and scrolling down the menu to community. But logging in directly seems messed up for the past week or two.

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