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Website & iPad

That’s interesting, I was going to comment on this thread earlier but didn’t want to hex myself. Running windows 10 I have had absolutely no problems with speed on the site (other than the long standing snooze whilst waiting to go into “My Account”).

How frustrating (or worrying?) is that! I can only imagine there must be other websites I’m not perusing experiencing exactly the same issues. The price one pays to be an Apple user :roll_eyes:

Hi Steve
Forgive me if you already have this in place but may I suggest you create 4 different IT technology user groups among keen members: one for Macs, one for PCs, one for Android phones and one for iPhones. Then within each group have 3 subgroups for 3 different main browsers of Chrome, Safari and IE
Then your IT Team can quickly identify which device and/or which browser is causing the problem

My iPhone was working perfectly throughout this whole time. The only issue I was having was accessing these community pages through a Windows-based desktop.

Very strange

I was struggling on windows PC and android device. Both chrome. So I don’t think it’s an apple issue.

I should say it seems fine now though.