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Am I the only one to find that The Wine Society website is not working when I hit search or want to browse the latest offers?
I have updated the IOS software to no avail. My iPad is a few years old so should work?
Please advise


The sites been very slow this weekend, I placed an order yesterday and it was painful. A few people noted it in another thread and suggested possible work before the new site goes live?

It will be coming to the end of it’s life soon, Apple will push out a few ‘updates’ that will force it into planned obsolescence.

@smiler It wont be anything specific to your iPad but connected to the site speed in general over the past week.

I’m in no way associated with the upcoming website new rollout but my hunch is that the behaviour (i.e. slowness) of the site is indicative of a situation where a process, such is as a data migration, is running in the background and having an adverse impact on the general usability of the website.

Often it’s decided that it’s best to keep the website online whilst this happens as although it slows it down, it’s better than taking the entire site offline even though the migration could be achieved faster. Search seems to be suffering the most so it’s probably (speculating) the migration of the product database.

Looking forward though to the new site and all the enhanced features I’m sure it’ll bring.

EDIT: Actually it looks as if as the site is slow currently because it’s waiting on a third party security service to load, which isn’t. Waiting for it is preventing other parts of the site from loading.


Have you tried installing an Ad blocker? I found this solved my Macbook issues with accessing the site earlier this week, problems I did not have previously, so may be linked in with changes that are ongoing

Thanks everyone - same problem on my phone so roll on the software update!


Still really slow / not working here. It’s a reeeet pain !

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Found it easier to search wines in google that I know I want to buy and (add wine soc on the search term) then go direct to the web page to buy !

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I’m also struggling with it, even more than usual today.

I just wanted to search to see if there were any mystery cases in stock (which of course they weren’t!).

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I’ve also been finding it extremely slow and so basically unusable on iPhone/iPad.

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It’s outrageously slow. The WS community must be on another bunch of servers/software, because there’s no latency at all with it. So I think it must be their e-commerce software/hosting that’s the problem.

I’m solving the problem by running a bunch of tabs. But there are problems. I press ‘buy’ on something and nothing happens, then it seems to register, and it turns out I’ve bought 6 of something rather than two bottles… do check before you confirm your order!

There is an order I am doing that went into the hundreds… then I realised what was happening.


Oh, also it’s NOT just the ipad. I’m running Mojave on a macbook and it’s slow on two separate browsers.


I’ve now written to the Society asking what plans they have to resolve the ongoing problem.

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I tend to put that slowness down to having upgraded to Big Sur (don’t). Performance on my macbook has been dire since I upgraded.

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Oh, man. I’ve heard a few stories about Big Sur. I’ve been a mac user since OS 7 point something (early days) and now what I do is always keep a few behind. I’m on Mojave on this one and High Sierra on the other two.

Just to say if you’ve got everything backed up and want to wipe and install an older version, I can send you links to old OS’s that are there but hidden on the Apple site.

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Generally it’s OK, but it spends a lot of time indexing and reindexing my hard disc, which seems to be wildly inefficient and means it runs a lot hotter/louder than it ever used to and slows everything down.

Oh, man. It may be an issue with it at the start. I have a colleague who inadvertently downloaded Big Sur ages ago and so has had it for a while. I can email her on Monday and see if it’s got better. She had the same issue of her machine running hot then, but she hasn’t mentioned it recently.

Wow! Just on today and such an improvement - very whizzy and no latencies at all!

Excellent! Now sorted.

Our apologies to all who have experienced problems. We have been looking at this for days without being able to diagnose a thing that is wrong. We are also assuming it had something to do with the Apple software release which was heavy on security patches and has attracted a lot of attention in IT forums, but to be hones, we really don’t know the source that seems to have fixed itself !