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Weather 2018


Weather way above seasonal norms in Bordeaux and Rhone.
Always a danger of “baked” wines but 2018 may turn out to be an absolute cracker!
I look at:


Reports from my cousin the consultant that there are worries vines here are under stress, especially in the many newly planted vineyards where the roots have not penetrated that far yet.


Might be a good year for the shoddier appellations that don’t usually get properly ripe - you know, the lower Médoc , the Saint Emilion satellites, the Hautes Côtes and so forth.


I wonder if this on-going hot weather will also impact on the lovely Cab Francs of the Loire. Seems to be 35 degrees there, currently?!.. Boy oh boy.


They do deep root, so should have plenty of access to moisture.However, there is a lot of Tufa around so that may stunt/shrivel some.