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We want alerts!


All I really really want in life anymore is the ability to create alerts on wine websites, TWS first and foremost. In a similar vein to Google alerts, I would love to be able to set an alert for “Barolo, 2016” or “Bordeaux, 2009” or “Juhfark” (you’re welcome, @szaki1974 ) and receive an email when any new product matching these terms is added to the system. The tech / coding obviously already exists. And it would reduce the need to constantly re-search the categories in which one has an interest, just in case something new has been added. And reduce unfairness where stocks are really limited because the people who were interested enough to set up alerts would probably see such new item before casual browsers.

My birthday isn’t until October, so you have plenty of time to arrange this much appreciated birthday gift.


Lovely idea … something I am pushing for internally too.

Have you had a chance to look through this (long-standing thread)?

Which reminds me … whatever happened to @Markharrison252 ? - we miss you :slight_smile:


I think this initiative deserves its own thread. I am in 100%.


Good point. OK.


Second: we are always looking to improve the services we offer, so if we can make it happen, then it could happen, but it will rely on a lot of things. However, there is nothing wrong to scope any improvements and upgrades that would be good for you

So, how do you see this working? Bonus points if it doesn’t require any other changes to the systems to make it work!


Yeah I’ve wondered about this for a while. Although I might prefer an option to have the alert on the My Account area, so I can subscribe to a wine, or producer, or style, or region etc etc and choose what info to be alerted to.

edit: how to see it working… well, with my ‘other’ obsession I spend a lot of time on boardgamegeek.com which is one giant database, meaning I filter pretty much everything through my subscriptions. here’s what they look like:

that site is a bit more complicated so I odn’t think it would need to be quite like this, but it’s just an example.

I can subscribe to games, designers, users, publishers, game families etc. I can then choose exactly what I subscribe to (images, threads, lists, new games etc). The alerts pop up in the relevant section here.

TWS could theoretically work the same way. Subscribe to a wine style, or producer, or region, or offer type (EP) etc, then decide what you’d want notifying about under those terms. New vintage? New offer that includes that thing? New grapevine article?

so then I have an alert: !New vintage in %Pinot Noir% or !New offer in %Port%. I guess it has the potential to be quite intense because if you subscribed to a vintage for example you might get quite a lot of alerts, but then some people might like that!


I envisage it working in a very similar way to the existing search/filter function. So you’d be able to go to a part of the website for setting/managing alerts, and you’d be able to set an alert for any new item matching all of the following criteria e.g.

And you’d also be able to add, as a criterion, a word / words (particularly useful for looking for a certain producer). As with the current functionality, you need only tick the boxes of relevance (e.g. Red, France, Bordeaux, 2009, plus maybe you’d write in “Mouton”).


In 1000%! often I miss out on offers etc because I don’t fit the criteria for the algorithms which are set. This would be excellent!