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Water & Wine Puzzles

Has anyone ever had a jigsaw puzzle from Water & Wines?

They look interesting and I thought it might be a nice distraction over Christmas.

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Yes - we have the France one and it is very good quality puzzle and also educational at the same time! Saying that with two small kids we haven’t quite gotten around to finishing yet, but nothing a couple of evenings over Christmas with a nice glass of :wine_glass: shouldn’t (hopefully) help resolve :upside_down_face:


talk of the Devil !! Here’s our domestic scene this very day whilst it’s torrential outside in the Pyrenees… ToH is multitasking as you can see…


As long as you don’t find a bit of sprout where a puzzle piece should be :grinning:

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No, but looks interesting. You can get them from UK stockists, such as Savage Vines

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Yes, I did the Spain one when I found it at a holiday house at Easter this year. Was diverting and educational.

Ta-Da !!

As a bonus they also include a full-sized poster of the complete puzzle which is eminently clip-frameable