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Wasps and Wine

Just come across this article which has surprised me a lot. Is it true? Are other people aware of this? I don’t think I’ve ever been aware of any link between wasps and yeast.


being a Country Boy I have always respected wasps and regard them as, at least, of equivalent benevolence as bees. I leave them alone, let them out of the house and tolerate their various nests (in the wall above the air brick, in the shed roof, in the chimney etc etc)

I only deny them access to my various fruit bushes, including my grape vines, by netting or, in the case of grapes, perforated cellophane bags. But I have felt sympathy for commercial vineyards in places where they assume plague proportions - I remember seeing a vineyard of solaris in Belgium being devastated by the critters !

Didn’t know about this particular habit of theirs I must confess.


Yes, sort of. (In fact, wasps of all kinds are a very important part of the agricultural and horticultural ecology, especially in controlling pests so their populations don’t balloon into plagues). So be kind to wasps!

Anyone interested may find this blog post gives a bit more detail and context, and also has a link to the original paper, if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

Academic Wino post.

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Thanks for the share. An interesting post, but I didn’t proceed to the original paper.

I always wondered what wasps were good for - I didn’t realise they controlled pests either. No doubt they have just experienced a stratospheric promotion in my subconscious ranking of animals’ importance.


Figs. When I learnt of their symbiotic relationship with figs that’s when they earned my respect, despite ruining many an afternoon tea by plunging into the jam/clotted cream.


Of All the creatures in the Natural world I often wonder what good humans are for ?

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Destruction dressed up as ‘progress’.

Sorry, Monday morning sourness.


It’s a fair question, but philosophy is always tricky, and even more so on a Monday morning!

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I tend to side with John Lennon who once described our species as the mould on the surface of an orange, or is that a false memory ? Anyway, James Lovelock gets it about right I think. But not really a thread to pursue much further on a discussion forum about wasps and wine !

Only if your working I havnt done that for 16 years.