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Warwick Estate Trilogy 2016 EP


Looks like yet another EP offer has just become live -


I might as well set up a direct debit at this stage


Hahaha, my salary every month, straight to TWS :rofl:


Omg :open_mouth:! Not ANOTHER … :see_no_evil:, my future self will thank my present self for all these purchases … I’m sure of it :joy:!


My future self may…however, my wife’s gonna kill me…:scream:


Always remember the great January Sales maxim - “Just look at how much money I’m saving”.


That might get in the way of your future self congratulating your wise purchases. A dilemma, as you say! :grimacing:


I am having to be strategic now. I have tokara 2013!and meerlust 2015 x2 plus Angludet, Siran and Beaumont bdx - that’s 35 bottles of Cabernet led wines in reserves and being a Syrah-head, I don’t even drink that much Cabernet. There aren’t enough non school nights with accompanying hearty meals to drink all the delicious full bodied reds I’d like to buy…


Hmm, very good point well made…even the delorean wouldn’t fix this one… :wink: