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War Cry, 2nd Feb


Well, if the earth is only - what was it - 6000 years old, we can forget about those flying reptiles! :wink:


Wasnt that the point? Normally the best is served first then the plonk once everyone had has a few too many bevvies, but the stuff Jesus produces at the end is the best of the lot. Not sure what the moral of the story is apart from Jesus saying ‘I’ll see your Crozes Hermitage and raise the stakes with my Hermitage’. And it came in volume too. My kinda guy!

Earlier in the story when his mother had told him to sort out more wine (nice one Mary!) Jesus said his time had not come yet. Maybe a question of not being able to control his new super powers. Meant to produce a cheapo but ended up producing a stonker. Either way it’s a confusing story unless you like wine and/or weddings.


For me, wine and religion go hand-in-hand. To be without one is to be without the other. The bible has frequent references to wine but never ale, mead or beer.

As the eminent Roger Scruton says, wine has a civilising effect. No wonder it was endorsed in the bible. I think even non-Christians would subscribe to that.

I am sure Inbar and PeterEm will know the origin of the snake on the pole. It’s just another facet of our Judeo-Christian culture. It should be valued.


With all this talk of religion, it rather leaves these people out in the cold/hot…


Yes, hell is an eternity of Chilean Merlot.


I can think of one major religion that does not subscribe to it.

And not all Christians do either. I speak as someone who attended a dear relatives wedding. As they are Baptists no alcohol was served. I can attest that a wedding with wine and Champagne (or decent fizz) to toast the happy couple is my preferred sort.


Not me. I’ve just Googled it and the usualreference is to Greek mythology.

Wiki has under other theories a biblical reference, but that doesn’t appear to be one that should be valued


Oh! What about Exodus? I can’t remember the chapter, but it’s quite early when God gave healing powers to Moses. A stave was turned into a snake and back again.


I’m not clear what that’s got to do with a snake and a pole


Hello Peter,

I had to look this one up. Not Google, but the bible. It’s in Exodus chap 4 verses 2-5.

‘The Lord said to Moses, what are you holding? A stick he replied. Then throw it onto the ground. It turned into a snake. Now pick it up by the tail and it turned into a stick again’! In the next verses, there were other examples like a diseased hand that had a miraculous cure. I have always understood this to be symbolic for the medical profession.


I congratulate you on sticking to your theory, Mr H, but the Asklepios story makes more sense to me…

I’ve been thinking on the subject of serving better wines last. Maybe one wouldn’t do so at a large gathering such as the Cana wedding, but when we have wine loving guests for dinner we serve good wines but if they’re finished and more is wanted then I try and find an even better one to open.

At our monthly U3A group tasting whatever the theme is, once we’ve had the planned tasting wines then the host usually pulls out some special bottles: Last night after the tasting’s 7 wines on the theme of ‘Off the Beaten Track’ the host opened Pauillac Ulysse 2010 (supposedly a declassified Latour) and a 2014 Gigondas.


Dear Peter,

You seem to have found the right course at the U3A! Better than lectures on computers, eh?

About 15 years ago, I remember the government encouraged people to learn new skills as part of, what they called, life-long learning. Various grants were made available. It soon came to light that people were undertaking courses in wine appreciation. The government was not amused.


Not really, as I made a very good living in computer training. :slight_smile: