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WANTED: questions you've always wanted to ask about wine



Hi everyone!

Do you have weird/silly/intriguing questions about wine? The stuff you’ve always wondered, but never known who to ask (and maybe even felt it was a bit daft)? WE WANT THEM! :grinning:

We’re going to be running an ongoing mini-feature on the web with the brilliant Caroline Gilby MW (there’s already loads of great articles by her on our Wine World & News pages) who is looking for your questions to answer.

Things like:

‘Which wines have the least calories?’
‘What does it mean when a wine is described as “sappy”?’
‘How will climate change affect my favourite wine?’

There really is no question too obscure and it doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about wine.


Please leave your questions here - don’t be afraid! - and we’ll try to answer as many as possible over the next few months. I’ll let you know as and when your question is answered…


I have a question about wine

How static (or dynamic) is wine typicity/terroir? i.e. how much of what we are told/taught about how a particular wine ‘should’ taste is at the mercy of trends/technology/climate?

Were you to travel back in time 50 or 100 or more years and open a fresh bottle from a quality appellation, would it be recognisable?

Are there any standout appellations (and/or producers within) that have seen the most or the least change?


GREAT questions, Adam! I particularly love this one:

Can’t wait to hear the answer to that!