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Wanted: more members' reviews!


Hi everyone,

We’ve discussed quite a bit before how useful you all find members’ reviews on our website - the general feeling seems to be they represent honest, reliable and helpful feedback, whether they’re positive or negative reviews. And I quite agree!

It’s for precisely this reason that we’d like to encourage more reviews on our website - not only you guys here on The Community, but more widely we get consistent member feedback that these reviews are helpful and that you’d like to see more of them!

But here in particular I’ve seen a quite staggering wealth of knowledge and passion for wine, and this experience and expertise is absolutely invaluable to your fellow members - especially newer members or those who don’t feel confident in their wine knowledge.

So this is an ongoing recruitment topic encouraging all of you keen reviewers to share your thoughts about our wines as a product review on our website. We’re not asking this to get more positive reviews - the real value is in honest reviews!

David - aka @M1tch - is going to keep us updated, and will occasionally share particularly good/amusing reviews he spots. And please do share your own favourites here if you find a good’un! (Or indeed if you’re chuffed with one of your own reviews! :smile:)

Good times to add your own reviews include:

  • When you contribute to the weekend drinking thread etc and the impression of a wine is still fresh in your mind
  • If you try a wine based on another member’s recommendation here
  • If you try a wine at one of our tastings (including TWSTaste) leaving your thoughts on the ones that stood out!

And of course, if you spot a cracking tasting note here on The Community, you can always encourage the author to immortalize their words on our website too. :wink:

Any questions? Ask @M1tch or me! :slight_smile:

PS: Click here for our moderation policy for comments and reviews on our website.


I had a super wine last night, Crasto 2016 from the Douro, that I wanted to write a review on. But it no longer appears on the website.


I think that’s quite common. Also, a number of people who post here regularly may be drinking wines that they bought years ago to cellar, which aren’t now for sale (via WS at least).

Even more ‘everyday’ wines go off sale quite quickly sometimes and if it’s not in the list, you would then have to go back and find it in the ‘My Wines’ area to be able to submit a review.

I submit quite a few reviews, but tend to use Cellartracker more often for wines that aren’t on the list any more.


I remember some time ago posting something about the problem of drinking and then wanting to review wine after it was already no longer on sale. (Can’t find it now).

My suggestion was that members at tastings be given the possibility to offer quick reviews when they taste a wine, as these obviously still are on sale. The reviews might not be as in depth as those written at home at leisure, but hopefully there would be more of them. This seemed a possible way to improve the situation.


White or red ?? Crasto have a great range :+1:.


I don’t leave reviews on TWS website as it gives your full name. I suspect many people don’t for the same reason. I brought this up a long time ago on a thread on this forum. Some people couldn’t understand why I was concerned by this but it’s a big deal in terms of personal privacy.

Put simply, if they took out your full name then I’d leave a review for most wines I buy.


I’ve been thinking for a while that I should write more reviews since I find those written by others useful as sighters. My favourites are those that project a sense of humour along with their impressions so that’s what I’ll aim for.


It was Crasto red from Quinta Crasto.

I bought six in October, 2 each of Crasto, Reserva Old Vines and Superior all red. The last two are still listed.

We visited Quinta Crasto in September 2018 and loved it and their red wines, and I was delighted to find them on TWS list when we returned from the Douro.


That goes for me too. I rarely open a wine soon after buying it.

But I bought wines at the end of February for a tasting I’m shortly giving, and peparing the tasting sheet yesterday I found that only half the wines are still available. Out of 8 wines, 3 are ‘out of stock’ and one is no longer listed.


And I would discount a review left by someone who wasn’t prepared to give their name.


Haha rolls eyes


Agreed. Was just about to review Dolcetto d’Alba Vigna Bricco Mirasole, Giuseppe Mascarello 2016 (purchased only last October) but it is no longer stocked.


I have had similar issues with a wine being out of stock and am consequently now too lazy to even check.

But here’s a thought, if the techies can do it, how about reviews being tied to a wine but not a particular vintage, with the vintage being somehow tagged on to the review. Then when browsing a wine you would see all reviews for both that vintage and all previous ones.


I think that happens already Mike? If you read the reviews of a wine that is usually on the list every year, then there is often a ‘previous vintages’ section of the reviews. I find it can be of varying use; in some cases, there can be marked vintage variations, even in style as well as quality (oops, let’s not get into that debate again!).


You can read existing historic reviews, but I think the aim would be to be able easily to add new reviews of older vintages. This would then give you much more idea about the ageing potential of a wine.


Ah, see what you mean. Didn’t know you couldn’t do that…? Presumably you can my doing it the roundabout way of finding it via ‘my wines’. Alternatively, just state clearly in your review what vintage it was for.


A small request from me. For those who leave reviews please make them useful and informative. For example, _‘I didn’t like it’ is not much use to anyone. Please give a reasoned honest critique as this way we all benefit. Sorry if that made me sound like a preacher but I value honesty not bulldust.


I’m with you on this Rich. Privacy is indeed an issue for me and I suspect is also a concern for many others.

I’m very happy to judge the quality of a review by its content rather than whether it has a particular form of name attached. A ‘user’ name is perfectly adequate for this purpose in that it can allow previous reviews by the same author to be checked (another key overall ‘quality’ indicator) and of course is used on these very Community pages which are full of good recommendations that are no less valid for the lack of a full ‘real’ name.


You’ve raised some superb points here, you lot! Really interesting food for thought, especially regarding stock issues and username issues. Let me feed this back to our digital team for you.
In the mean time, if you are able (and comfortable) to leave reviews, please do post links here so we can enjoy your masterpieces (and find new bottles for my wish list…) :slight_smile:


I was just looking through my wines and noticed that historic reviews don’t always seem to be connected to new vintages. For example Beaumes de Venise Grangeneuve Domaine Saint Amant 2017 shows no current or historic reviews but in my wines the 2013 vintage, which was the last one I’d bought, and possibly the last TWS sold (before the 2017) does have reviews.
I’ve noticed before that previous reviews do go missing from time to time, and this is a bit discouraging if you’ve bothered to write one.