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Want to join the wine press for a day?


Our Christmas press tasting takes place on Tuesday 26th September from 10am to 3.30pm at 67 Pall Mall.

Community members may be interested to come along and see what we do, gaining an inside track and a preview of the wines coming up as we near the festive period. So I’m offering the change for two people to come and join us on that day. If you’d like to take part, and perhaps write up your impressions for the community afterwards, put your hand up now. If there are more than two volunteers we’ll draw names from a hat. (And we’ll repeat the experience for our Spring press tasting too.)

Hand up now, please!


This is an awesome opportunity!

I have always loved those tastings and regularly found a dozen or more wines to add to my own shopping lists.

Great to taste alongside the top names in the business as well (such as @Ewan of course).

I trust that whoever goes along will find a moment to update us in the community with their thoughts and suggestions?!


I would absolutely love to do this, but as it’s my wife’s birthday I will be otherwise engaged catering to her every whim. I’ll keep an eye out for the Spring version!


I would like to join. A great sounding opportunity.


Count me in! Sounds like a great way to spend a day.


Yes please - I’d love to come if there are still spaces available!


Wish I could, but up for similar events in the future!


I’d certainly love to attend the spring event please


Thanks for your responses - I’ll leave it open for a couple more days and then we’ll announce who’s going.

We’re having a pre-taste on Thursday to decide what goes in, whittling 118 wines down to 70 or so. Well someone’s got to do it!


Thanks to all who expressed interest for either this time or in the future. The lucky people this time are @szaki1974 & @wamt74 - I will send you each a pm to give full details early next week, but 26th September is the day to keep free.

There will be further opportunities in March, June & September next year.


Amazing, thanks, promise to report back to the community


This sounds wonderful, and I really enjoyed reading the reports of @szaki1974 & @wamt74 here on the community. If I’m not too late to the party, I’d love to be thrown into the hat for one of the 2018 events. Thanks.