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Want to buy a Vineyard


Just received this extraordinary ‘Black Friday’ offer from the The Vines in Mendoza’. If you have a spare USD 88000 (I don’t), you might be interested.

‘Take advantage of The Vines Black Friday sale – and the very strong US dollar in Argentina – to purchase a Malbec or Cabernet Franc vineyard at a 20% discount.

If you have dreamed about making wine and owning a vineyard at The Vines, there is no better time than now. The US dollar in Argentina is the strongest it’s been in years and we are passing along the savings to anyone that closes in 2020.

While vineyards around the world are generally priced in dollars, the costs to construct a vineyard (posts, wires, irrigation, etc.) are in the local currency and therefore planting in Mendoza just became less expensive. One acre vineyards at The Vines of Mendoza are starting at just $88,000.’


Not sure how much of a screaming bargain this is…

There are c2.5 acres per hectare, so this works out at around $220,000 per hectare. Say around 200,000 Euros. Looks like you could buy in some quite decent vineyards in France for a bit less than that…

Clearly, lots of other variables to take account of, but maybe not such a steal?


Sounds like a scam to me!


Not sure I would go that far, but it’s far from riskless given the history of Argentinian currency and property rights…


Sorry @Robin63, I saw this title post and the first thing that popped into my head was this …



That’s my earworm sorted for the day! :laughing:


Hi All

Did a bit more investigation and found that this was a real offer. Apparently, alongside the Vines Hotel and Mallmanns Siete Fuegos (7 Fires) restaurant, the estate also has blocks of privately owned vines. The estate then manages the vineyard and makes the wine.



Think they were on one of the back episodes of the UK Wine Show podcast.

Basically they offer a winemaking experience, with as much influence or decision-making as desired. No price was mentioned, but I assumed it was for high net worth individuals.


I’m pretty sure they’ve done a podcast with Levi Dalton too but maybe it was the U.K. wine show I listened to :wink::woman_shrugging:…! Who knows, but yes no prices were mentioned … in not the least bit surprised :rofl:xx