Walkaround tastings

See Tim S post six days ago

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On that note, might be worth getting in touch with the Tastings Team direct: tastings@thewinesociety.com. You never know…

The event is also showing as sold out, with a waiting list. So they should be trying to sell your ticket for you.

They told me it wasn’t sold out …

Rung member services …. Hopefully it can go to someone on the waiting list … I did email via the contact page last week btw

Several new events are now showing on the website, into next year.

Prices have gone up - £40 for a walkaround tasting in London now. Let’s hope this represents value for money…there have been fewer premium wines at these tastings lately.


I did this tasting with a mate - we watched the YouTube recording and chatted via Zoom. It worked surprisingly well. I’m sure we’ll do it again. Comparing notes at the end, we ranked the wines taking into account VFM as well as outright preference.
Our top 3 were identical, surprised by #2:

  1. Grand Puy Lacoste 2008
  2. Annonce de Bel Mon 2015
  3. Chateau Beychevelle 2009

Interesting, I got:

  1. Chateau Beychevelle 2009
  2. Annonce de Bel Mon 2015

After that it was pretty much impossible to rank the others, they were all good with very small variances to tell them apart. I definitely thought that the Merlot wines were more approachable and immediate from a small sample

BUT, if the same wines had been enjoyed as part of a meal over several hours - I imagine the Cab Sauv wines would have been ranked highest - they prob needed a larger measure in a bigger glass to open up and shine in all their complexity.


Sorry I didn’t answer your question about favourites fully:

  1. Chateau Palmer and I’m fairly sure it wasn’t just down to expectations. I just thought it was so elegant and balanced
  2. I rated three all the same: Ch Grand Puy Lacoste, Chateau Belair Monage and Chateau Petit Village.

Regarding your comment about food I do agree, and when I do these online tasting I try (and did in this case) to have some cheese and biscuits whilst I’m tasting. And I’m pretty sure it helps with the more structured, tannic wines.


My friend has enquired whether I would be interested in accompanying her to Lay & Wheeler’s Rhone tasting next March

Excellent list of producers, and will be my first tasting event. Will book next day off work as suspect I’ll be stumbling on the Thameslink train back to Stevenage. I’ll have to re-read this thread for pointers


Well that is that Monday night sorted!

Thanks for flagging, had not seen that pop up


Curious about that one. Rioja Oriental has a different, more Mediterranean, climate and Garnacha is more rarely released as a single varietal in Rioja. I assume it’s more akin to wines from Campo de Borja, Calatayud and Cariñena? Ultimately it’s very dependent on terroir and vinification: Spain has a vast variety of expressions for Garnacha. The ones from Rioja I’ve had have tended to be somewhat robust compared to Navarra or Gredos.

But, as you say, it’s unlikely to be your typical Rioja Crianza profile.

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Thank you!

Tickets booked.

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More WS tastings now on line, including Walkaround Burgundy, Rhone and Spain.

Ooh - one in Salisbury in January.

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Went a bit nuts. I’ll be at the London Burgundy, Rising Star, Rhone and Spanish walk arounds.


Terrible dates for the Burgundy ones, no way I can make those :rofl:

Plus, nothing in Cardiff or Bristol!

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Spain in Leeds cool …

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I was thinking about booking a ticket to this Rhone walk around in Manchester but on further reading it looks like this is exclusively Southern Rhone. Is this correct @TeresaGirao? Calling it a Rhone tasting on the ticket but not including any Northern Rhone seems a bit odd if this is indeed correct.


Don’t all rush at once ……