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Waitrose 25% off offers


Waitrose are doing their semi annual 25% off when you buy 6 or more bottles, and noticed a few interesting options, such as 2014 Beychevelle that comes in significantly below market:


Interestingly somewhat challenging to find, as it doesn’t come up under some of the regular searches - if you search by individual AOC - Pomerol, St. Julien etc. you find many wines that don’t appear under more generic searches

It also looks as though, like M&S, they bought some barrels at the Hospices de Beaune (although the Volnay now looks to be out of stock):



Interesting, you can get 6 Musar 2018 for £20.99 as against TWS Musar 2011 for £24. Pretty good deal but you’re going to have to sit on them for a while!


I’m not sure that it actually is the 2018, as I don’t think I the have released 2018 yet…most likely it is 2011


I just bought a wine sold by WaitroseCellars.com as 2016, which turned out to be 2008. I’d prefer the 2008 vintage, but it is a massive discrepancy.


Seriously sloppy marketing when dealing with a product where the age is an extremely important factor. What would happen to a car salesman who advertised a 2011 car as 2018?


It’s put me off ever buying from them again really. Thought i was getting a case of 2005 rioja, as advertised on the site, they sent 2006. Tried to fob me off saying things like ‘cant guarantee vintage online’ and ‘the 2006 is just as nice really’ but its a product where vintage matters and they know that.


Yes I was just noticing the Rioja Alta Vina Arana Reserva is advertised as 2018 which would, I believe, be breaking Spanish wine regulations! How can you trust a company that can’t be bothered to get such a fundamental aspect correct.


Most likely it is 2003 - they’ve been selling that for years now :grinning:

It is getting very easy to resist these as the range gets hollowed out even more and becomes duller every year. For a few years now I’ve basically been using it to buy Musar, and adding a couple of “fillers” each time. Even with very careful selection, these fillers have generally been a disappointment,


For me the Rioja’s are the best if Waitrose range at the moment: Tondonia, muga, Contino and Imperial. All seem VFM at the discounted price.


If anyone is looking for magnums of vintage champagne, compounding the £20 off with the 25% off when you buy 6 or more makes this quite an attractive price (although once again there seems to be some uncertainty as to whether this is actually the 2006 or 2007 vintage!):



Chateau Musar typically only release their wines when ready to drink (usually but not always seven years after the vintage) so it couldn’t possible have been a 2018.


That’s exactly what I thought.


I often pop in to the Waitrose at Canary Wharf as it’s close to work. They have a fairly decent selection imho. I picked up a nice 2012 Pauillac this week for a decent price, to console myself after Burgundy EP allocations.


I think Musar may have done a second release of 2003 a year or two back.

As other say no way is it the 2018. There is a Musar Jeune range but waitrose don’t stock it.

Tempted to get a few Musar’s but as others have said there is very little of interest to me in the rest of the once good range, and I’ve spent too much money recently anyway.


I took delivery of my 6 bottles from Waitrose this afternoon, and had gone for a bottle of the ‘2018’ Musar, knowing full well it wouldn’t actually be 2018. Turned out to be 2003. I was expecting something much younger and am pleasantly surprised!


Can you remember what it was? I have a friend who loves Pauillac, always handy to have a bottle for when he comes round.


Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, if they’re your best friend…:heart_eyes:

…I’d also recommend La Chapelle de Bages for the more casual acquaintance :wink:


I think we have different ideas of decent price for both of those!


Top tip, don’t ever buy from Amazon, they never send the correct vintage and will send you the wrong one again when you query it :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:.