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Waitrose £10 wine offer


Wine arbitrage. Offered post arbitrage opportunity for their sake.

Here is the a priori:

Waitrose offer free delivery over £60
Waitrose offer £10 for some great fine wines, some of which were trading at a £8 discount like this one https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/luigi-bosca-malbec-seleccion-de-vistalba-argentinian-red-wine/524723-491971-491972
Waitrose supply £8 vouchers as “money off” spend over £80

Here was the algorithm:

Observe sold out status on waitrose cellar of one of the wines, but buy on grocery site which showed them all as well stocked wine
Order £8 worth of goods on waitrose
Add £80 worth of Luigi Bosca wine to your order, which was inevitably sold out. Accept no substitutes.
The total bill will be £80 for £88 worth of goods at this point.
Receive £8 worth of goods for free
£80 discount applied due to the cost of wines revoked from the bill, due to being sold out

Repeat above ad infinitum

Worst case scenario was you were good for the greatly reduced luigi bosca wines.

Better than the Lidl offers? I think so. :slight_smile: Sadly I only clocked the above 4 times

Broadly I am ok with not trying to rinse retailers on pricing inefficiency and would prefer a fair price. However, the UK drinks industry outside of a few innovators has such a punishing range of markups on their wines that you are always left wondering whether you have been arbitraged whether its via a 4 * multiple on a restaurant visit, or just a 1.5-2* multiple in an off license. Even these guys https://www.fortnumandmason.com/restaurants/wine-bar used to offer corkage at £5 at one point (now £15, which is still commendable) used to be awesome. It was here I became acquainted with wines that were way beyond my usual price point. Its the place I’ve first tasted wines like ridge montebello / vega sicilia / yarra yerring dry red series


I haven’t gamed those rules, I prefer shopping in, er, shop :slight_smile:.
I have taken advantage of £8 off £40 when they had a 25% off wine and they also always knock off 5% (IIRC) for 6.

Took a bit of mental math-nastics to ensure I’d got over the line!
And the voucher printing machine whirred as I paid…
…another £8 off £40.

I speculated how many times I could go round!