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Vouvray offer


I read somewhere, in some TWS epistle, that there may be an aged Vouvray offer at some point this year. I am a bit partial to one of the greatest wines on the planet.

Anyone have any intel on when?


There are quite a few currently on the list…though none cheap. £55 up to£300 plus a bottle or half.

They have in the past bundled some of these into an offer in the Fine Wine list, but it’s still only a few quid off usually…


Incidentally, just got an email from BBR flogging some Vouvray going back to 1919 (£2,544 per case of six IB)… and also noting an upcoming 1989 Huet offer next week.


Cheers yes, it seems that aged Vouvray is easily sourced at expensive levels, but I was kind of hoping for some more of this really. Think it went for about £19 a bottle - of course I filled my boots at the time.



Yes I got three of these too! Still got one…

We can always hope…


That Vouvray was a bargain! Obviously Huet and Moulin de Touchais wines are very good indeed but nice to see something more affordable.


It was a bargain. And I’ve still got some lurking I think - it’s always fun pulling the very dodgy looking cork and seeing what’s happened underneath. Not one bottle has had issues yet by the way.

I’d be quite happy if there was some at twice that price tbh - one can hope.