Vodka and is it still the mid-90s?

In its fashionable and now kitsch heyday! Oh, the heady days of Britpop and when Stella on a park bench was the high life! (Teenager in the 90s and it wasn’t lost on me)

My lovely other half and I have been enjoying a fair few spirits recently but I had the poopers put on me when I suggested we should try an interesting/craft vodka. Ms Nowt suggested it would be flavorless, aggressive and just raw alcohol.

Over December we did get some incredible Blantons Bourbon, Four Square Rum, Beautiful premium cognac and awaiting the Society’s Armagnac - Is it worth trading up to a premium category of Vodka or is it all hype, silly style bottles and gimmicks?

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Yes, but also, for a long time the only vodka I’d ever enjoyed drinking was this:

it was so smooth.

Until I started hanging out here (pre-covid/kids):

and starting working through the range. Not just the flavoured ones (honey was a fave) but also the aged ones, a real eye opener. And some great food matches too. I miss that place!

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If you’re looking for something different check out Black Cow Vodka…served on ice @Nowt_in_my_glass.
Different and delicious for a change.

Thank you I’ll check it out! As wine/spirit ‘appreciators’ I’d be very interested to try a vodka and look to understand it as you would with any other drink, but as with anything premium-priced, a good recommendation is a step in the right direction!

Bison grass vodka and apple juice! I enjoyed it very much but obviously not that much as I have not bothered to recreate it since🤪


Ooooo I do actually have this and yes it is absolutely delicious!

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This is absolutely awful. But seems popular among a few, which defies any logic. My bottle is still 2/3 full after 4 years. And it’s a small bottle.

Black garlic Vodka = I’m thinking Pasta with Vodka / tomato sauce - alcohol gets boiled off (pretty much), never tried it but supposed to be good ?

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Reyka vodka is lovely.

Agreed! Plus, it’s stocked by Waitrose so it even gets their stamp of approval :wink:

I first had Reyka in Iceland and it’s the only vodka I’ll buy now.

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I’ve heard that Black Cow Vodka is awful but not tried it myself.

Zubrowka is the one, but after a 3 day long wedding in Poland (where some of my mates family had distilled their own 80% vodka too) I have not really wanted to drink any since :nauseated_face:


Much more subtle than other drinks but still fun to explore.

I’ve been on a polish potato vodka kick recently. Despite many people thinking vodka comes from potatoes, it’s actually quite rare and has a different body than grain vodkas. I quite like Luksusowa but it is comparatively rough compared to premium brands. J.A. Baczewski is also worth checking out, both quite cheap for exploration. Chopin is just a bit more and offer potato as well as rye and wheat versions.

Chase Potato is proudly English, more expensive and excellent.


I recall (sort of) eating at a Russian restaurant called Nikita’s in London in mid 80s where the vodka was served in iced carafes…very good and no hangover, just numb…main challenge was going downstairs on the old #73 Routemaster on the way home…


I hardly ever drink spirits now but in the past I have enjoyed Russian Standard, Chopin, and Grey Goose. All in some quantity, but with almost no subsequent adverse effects. In fact there is an open bottle of RS in the spare fridge where it’s been for a few years.

I remember years ago going to a birthday party in Moscow. On arrival everyone was handed a bottle of vodka to drink, as if it were a can of coke or beer. Amazing, to me anyway!


I settled on this - Looks interesting and actually mentions some taste!

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