Viúva Gomes Colares Red 1934 - Would you try this?

I came across a reference to wines from the 1960’s and even 1934 in an email marketing campaign from Portugal Vineyards and lo, on their website is this ‘wonder’…

Has anyone tried these aged Colares wines by Adega Viúva Gomes? I have to admit, they’re not sounding very appealing, but I’m amazed at a wine this old being readily for sale. Is Ramisco one of those grape varieties that age particularly well or is there some other reason why they can be so long lived? Anyone tried it?

@VinoVeritas Looks interesting - have you used this supplier to ship to the UK in the past?

I’m looking for some old vintage Port and they seem to be one of a very few suppliers who might actually have a bottle of interest.

Would welcome any feedback on reliability/shipping etc :+1:

@Alchemist Yes, I have ordered once, about 8 months ago - some lovely Porto Cruz Port and Churchill 30 year old Tawny. There’s obviously a moderate delivery charge, but the order was easily placed online and everything arrived in one piece, well packed and tracked all the way from Portugal at every stage - would recommend.

They do have some very interesting wines - the weekly emailings can include wine at just 3 or 4 euros all the way up to 90+ euros. I suspect you could get a lot of value and pleasure from their range.

Many thanks - I’m certain that’s true!! :grinning:

I appreciate there’s postage to be paid but HOW MUCH ?? :grinning:…! Might be of interest @Herbster :rofl:

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I must would try it, for sure. Would do a little research on how it is possible…

UPDATE - selection of 7 colheitas from my birth year… it must be Christmas

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Shipping a case of 12 adds about £1 per bottle. They do a rosé as well… tempting! :grinning:


would you not have to pay duty on this, too?

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I’ve previously ordered from and didn’t pay any.

This is available for 5 Euro on Vinha. :wink:

The WS stocks one, by a different maker:

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I’ll have the lot, please!

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I would certainly try it. Although I’ve not bought from this particular vineyard (in Almocogem) I regularly buy Colares as I live nearby and they are one of my favourite Portuguese wines.

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Legally, yes. Wine tax plus 20% VAT on wine cost + wine tax + delivery

See this recent thread for a discussion on the matter

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TWS charge £6.95 for the same wine. That’s because they paid delivery and UK taxes

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Thanks for confirming this, I have been meaning to order for Portugal Vineyards for a while, mainly their Niepoort ports and wines after meeting Dirk a couple of years ago.

@Normeric So, how would you describe Colares - it seems capable of a very long life, so I can imagine that there’s lots of tannin and some acidity to assist with that? Can you suggest another wine that would compare with it and do you have any recommendations as to good examples of Colares please. I am tempted by the TWS wine - The one from Portugal Vineyards is just too much!

Blogged here in 2016.

So, I’ve just ordered from Portugal Vineyards. A mix of white, red, sparkling and rosé. Looking forward to the delivery but didn’t go for any ports even though it was HIGHLY tempting. I have a tws order pending for next week and the kids need to eat so trying not to look at or decántalo…:wink:

You are right, Colares Ramisco is high in tannins and acidity. It is rich and full-bodied and has a distinctive flavour - I’m not well up enough in wine knowledge to say what it is similar to - but its distinctive flavour probably has something to do with the fact that it’s grown in clayey soil covered with sand that has protected it from phyloxera and so the vines are ancient and not grafted from North American vines as with most other European wines. Apart from the vineyard already mentioned, others are Fundacao Oriente Colares , Casal Santa Maria, and Monte Casal. It’s a tiny appelation and not much is produced, hence the high prices.Hope this is helpful.

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