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Visiting Alsace

Had a fantastic trip there in November last year, on the longer thread that Robert posted.


Thanks for the warm welcome @robertd

That profile photo of mine is myself with Mme Gassmann, from their cellars in Rorschwihr a few years ago… Amongst the many great visits we had in Alsace, the visit chez Rolly Gassmann was by a country mile the most memorable…!!! The breadth of old vintages and cepages available for cost free tasting was quite literally unbelievable and this was the one property that enchanted us the most in terms of the numbers of bottles we bought at any one single visit… I don’t mind confessing to having been more than just a little bit tiddly by the time we’d sampled so many of their fine wares… :smiley:


Hi Leah, I recommend reading an article on https://wideworldofwine.co/ which features some of the ‘lesser’ grapes you mention in the thread. Particularly a Pinot Noir, Klevener and a Sylvaner.

There’s also an interesting website called ‘back in Alsace’

The tasting experience at Rolly Gassmann is truly unique, as you say. We have ended up tasting over 50 wines there on occasion. They opened a new winery and tasting room last year, and the surroundings couldn’t be more different.

The generosity of spirit and tastings remain the same, though. I do really feel for them - given what must have been a very significant investment, to be hit by the pandemic wiping out customer visits must be very hard.


Hi Robert,
Do you know if they deliver Direct to Customer? One thing that plagued me on my trip is that we flew to Basle, so was only able to take a couple of bottles from each winery (i packed 26kg of bottles back). If I had a car would drive down there and buy cases. Or if they delivered.

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My one and only trip to Alsace (sadly) was a walking holiday. Actually the company reps offered to collect any wine I bought as they were passing so we didn’t have to carry it.

The trouble is I got carried away or should I say lost count! Ended up with 35+ bottles to take back on plane. Needless to say that couldn’t happen. Luckily, the same reps offered to bring them back to the UK in their van at the end of the season. I just had to drive to the head office to collect them - lucky escape.

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I can’t say for certain, but unfortunately it’s very unlikely. The price list that I’ve just checked doesn’t mention it, and while quite a few vignerons in Alsace will deliver, it’s restricted to mainland France in pretty much all cases that I can recall.

Blimey…!!! That looks far more like an 80% Marcel Deiss & 20% Zind Humbrecht love child setting…!!! As you say Robert, that couldn’t possibly be any more different…!!! Kudos to the R-G family for a breathtaking upgrade there…!!! :smiley:


As R-G used to be… You can almost certainly tell, as robertd has said, the generosity of tasting at Rolly-Gassmann soon enough shows on the face of the visitor, lol, in this case, a very tiddly moi… :crazy_face: :laughing: :joy: