Visit to Italy [Padova, Vicenza and Mantova]

A little bit late as I have just seen the intro to this site. I am going to Italy on Thursday 4h Oct for 5 nights visiting Padova, Vicenza and Mantova. I love Italian reds any suggestions,. I also like an aromatic fruity white but not really au fait with Itralian whites.



No idea if this is to late or any help, lovely cities especially Mantua, for wines the two reds of the region that are commonly seen are Valtellina from the Nebbiolo grape and Oltrepo Pavese, you have Franciacorta sparklers of which I have no knowledge though they are highly praised and Lugana is the most famous white, though to me it fits in with so many other Italian whites as being in most cases unmemorable.


No not too late will bear in mind. I love red my OH loves Sparkling.


Definitely look out for the Lugana (white) that @cerberus mentions as good ones can be lovely (might be worth going by price or recommendation)

Franciacorta is very good but also may be pricey as it likes to push the premium positioning so it would be good to know if you find some nice Oltrepo Pavese (sparkling) instead.

For reds you will also be in Valpolicella territory - not to be sniffed at because of history in this country. I’m not an expert but I think some others around here will know more (@leah?)

I would definitely drink Valpolicella Ripasso in Padua, and, if you can afford it, Amarone of course! If you see a Teroldego please try it - one of my favourite grapes but hard to find in the UK. Regards, Guy


Agreed! It’s a lovely grape and makes a delicious, fresh and juicy red. TWS used to stock a lovely example called Nerofino, which was a blend of Teroldego and Lagrein, but there’s only one other example currently available.
M&S have one, which isn’t terribly complex, but quaffable nonetheless.
Enjoy your trip! :+1::grinning:

Thank you for the feedback

Thank you. very early start as 6.30am flight.

Not an expert either, BUT if you are in the area, you MUST try a recioto della Valpolicella. Not too east to get here, but it is made with dried grapes too and has a lovely intense sweet flavour. One not to be missed imho.

Just seen this on the list.

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Charles - Sorry, just picked this up and hope I am not too late. You must have dinner at Grifone Bianca in Mantua - fantastic host and great food. Try the Maurizio Zanella, Wonderful.

Charles - found my review of GRIFONE BIANCA, MANTUA after I visited last year:

This isn’t just the best restaurant in Mantua - it is one of the great Italian restaurants. Eat here before it gets the recognition it deserves. Book a table under the portico for dinner; start with the agnoli pasta and move on to the lamb or rabbit - both very good, or the beef which is excellent. Not the most extensive wine list I have seen, but there is something there for everyone. The Maurizio Zanella was superb.