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Vintage Port 2003


Just got back from the dreaded Sainsbury’s shop. In my usual perusal of the usually dire wine aisle I came across this Taste the Difference Vintage Port 2003 made by Symington at £20.00

Checking the Society’s Vintage Chart the vintage is rated as 9 with advice to lay it down. I assume there must be a catch with this port otherwise it’s a steal at £20 compared to the current retail price for named Symington brands.

Has anyone actually bought this port? Is it worth a punt?


I have tried it a few times. I thought it very good indeed, probably one of their minor shippers rebranded (Gould Campbell?). Very young and dark still with all the good things (fruit tannin and alcohol) present and about right. A bit brutal for my taste at present but it will be great in 10 or 15 years. However I have glugged a few and liked them very much. At £20/bottle it is a good deal, they do have discounts now and again and if you are a regular visitor to Sainsbury’s it turns up for less. But less reliably now they have taken fortified out of their ‘buy 6 get 25% off’ deal.

And dire as the selection is with the current 25% off deal Perrin’s Sinard Chateauneuf 2016 is about £17, Moet NV £21 and Veuve Cliquot 2008 for £30. Not to be sneezed at.


Yes I did notice the Chateauneuf today and was tempted.

They have been a bit mean taking fortified wine out of the get 6 deal but I may be tempted to visit my local Sainsbury tomorrow and stock up on chateauneuf and port!

On the same vain try and dig out the Chateau Grand Barrail La Marzelle Figeac for £22.