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Vintage Cellar Plans

Trying to work out whether or not to sign up for a vintage cellar plan. Other than the Chardonnay plan, do any of the others (eg French Classics) ever include white wines as all of the example Bottles on the web page seem to be red only

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No. All the plans other than the one you mention are Red. There was some discussion on a VCP thread some time ago that the Society should consider a Whites only plan along the lines of Small Wonders or World Classics but it was only discussed on this site. I do think however that there would be some support for a White plan.

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A mixed red and white one would be good

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We used to do mixed red and white cases. Problem was drinking dates did not match. Whites were ready long before reds so we stopped it.


Perhaps with the new storage rules this is something that should be reconsidered Toby?

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I think its nonsensical to propose a mixed case where the wines are drinking at such different dates that you cannot withdraw a case when all the wines are within their drinking dates. Still need a date for the mixed case as a whole. Not everyone will want to pay £10 to
draw wines separately from reserves.


I don’t believe you can withdraw single bottles from mixed cases. I think that only applies to cases with all the same wine in.


Only just seen the new chardonnay plan. More tempting than the white burg plan, but I’d love a small wonders white plan, would probably go for that, been very happy with the red equivalent so far.


Hi Toby,

I completely agree. It once again brings me back to the debacle of including the 2015 Kanonkop Paul Sauer in a mixed case full of white’s (with a 3-4 year window)… just a few weeks after running a Paul Sauer vertical offer,

Totally agree, I love the small wonders reds that I’ve received and would get a whites version.

I’ve signed up to the Chardonnay plan out of intrigue, but will probably need to get shot of that or the reds in a year as I don’t really need 48 bottles of wine every year.

Alternatively, a small wonders red/white with a case of each twice a year would be suit me perfectly.

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