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Vintage cellar plan



It’s that time of year again. The black envelope should be on the doormat any day now…


I do hope so - this is my first time :slight_smile:


So I couldn’t wait for the envelope and found my allocation on the website tonight:

2 lovely looking additions to the cellar!


@woodap thanks for the early heads up on the latest World Classics allocation! Always happy to see Tuscany feature.

A question for the WS staff perhaps - with the average bottle price working out at £22.50 per bottle after 6 monthly payments of £45, and the Chianti and Shiraz/Grenache working out at circa £12 and £18 per bottle at retail respectively, is it usual for the allocated wines to be at the bottom end of the price scale? And should we therefore expect a surplus in our accounts?


Hi @willrcwyatt
Sorry for any confusion, my allocation is from the rising stars plan rather than the world classics, so I only pay £28/mth.

The society always credit any balance to your account btw, and don’t charge any extra if the value of the allocation is slightly higher than your 6 monthly payments.

Hope you’re pleased with the world classics allocation when that is revealed!..


Thanks @woodap, now I am VERY confused as I have the Rising Stars plan too and had an allocation in January, which was different to yours…! (and wasn’t that impressed with the allocation if I’m honest).

Thanks for the info on the account crediting, I will let you know what the World Classics allocation is, I hear the envelope is in the post…


I believe there are 4 allocations per year, but depending on when you begin your plan, you receive 2 of the 4 allocations. Mine are always March & September (the others being December & June I believe).


Just arrived here, hence the late reply! I can tell you that my November Rising Stars allocation was the Navarro Garnacha, but with Qupé ‘A Modern Red’ 2014 from Santa Barbara County (a GSM). I’m being very disciplined (!) so can`t tell you what it’s like, but I looooove Zinfandel, so it had better be good ;0


It’s that time again.


It’s that time yet again.

I am hoping details of my allocations for French Classics, World Classics and Claret B will arrive in the next couple of weeks.

@laura can you confirm when we can expect to hear? :drooling_face::wine_glass:


Ooh, exciting! :grimacing:
And not long to wait now - all you August allocation members will be hearing what your next allocation is between 5th and 10th September! :smiley:


Got my VCP allocations (French Classics, World Classics and Claret B) as follows. I have now put a stop on the VCP as I have enough to be getting on with for a while especially with the EP arrivals due over the next 12 months.


Brunello can age very well indeed. My very generous neighbour gave me a bottle of a 1986 Brunello earlier this year. Stunning!


Just had my August allocation through the post:

VCP Claret B

Ch Batailley, Pauillac 2012
Ch Bourgneuf, Pomerol 2015

Both are wines which I already have from other vintages and probably my favourites from previous allocations so I am quite happy. Lesser vintage of Batailly but nice to have some wines which are drinking sooner. I love getting the little booklet.

On a side note I wasn’t thrilled with the rebrand as a whole - but the VCP sheets look lovely.

Anyone else had their allocations through?


Continuing the discussion from Vintage cellar plan:

I subscribe to the French Classics and World Classics. This is my second allocation and I’m not sure what to think. I’m also slightly surprised that the allocations to members are made up of different wines. Is this right?

My allocation for FC are

Ch Poujeaux Moulis 2014

Louis Jadot Chorey les Beaune Les Beauxmonts (Gagey) 2015

Quite pleased with the Bordeaux and not sure about the Pinot

The World Classics are;

Elk Cove Vineyards Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015

Muga Selección Especial Reserva, Rioja 2012

The Point has an early drinking window which will allow me to draw down some of my investment early. I’m quite please with this and the Rioja can stay in reserves for quite a while.

Overall, not quite as good an allocation as my first lot, which included a Chateau Latour and a CNDP.

Anyway, looking forward to getting my hands on them in years to come.

This brings up a question in my mind. How do members draw their reserves down. Do you mix cases or draw down the allocation in full during the drinking window?


“Overall, not quite as good an allocation as my first lot, which included a Chateau Latour and a CNDP.”

Really? What vintage did you receive?


I’ve not had that vintage but the 2010 Ch Poujeaux is a lovely wine.


Nice to hear. I bought some 2010 Poujeaux EP. All 6 still in reserves. Time to withdraw some??


Well I thought it was drinking well when I had it last year but I’ve another bottle that I plan to keep another 5 years or so before drinking but it would probably do 10. So I guess it depends how many you’ve got. If I had a dozen I’d probably be thinking in terms of one a year till they’re gone! :smiley:


We received:

Chateau Saint-Pierre 2015
Chateau Bourgneuf 2016
Domaine de Bellene, Vosne-Romanee Quartiers de Nuits 2016
Cote-Rotie Esprit de Blonde, Pierre Gaillard 2016

I’ve been doing this for about 4 years now and seeing a big jump to 2015/16 vintages, where we used to get a lot of 09/10 (I’m talking mainly Bordeaux here). I’m assuming the 09/10 have kicked on that little bit and are out of the price bracket now.

These wines are not yet approachable and my whole reason for starting this venture was to obtain wines that I could drink at the end of their windows. So it’s definitely a long game.

I’ve recently found a love for Highballs, so I’ll drink those until the wine is cooked :sunglasses: