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Vintage cellar plan


Hi all

Does anybody on here have a cellar plan. I started one earlier in the year (rising stars) and understand that an announcement is made soon about what wines are released. Does anyone know when this will be and is it a case or mixed case? The anticipation is too much for me! :slight_smile:

Debating French Classics cellar plan, Advice?

Hiya! So sorry, I totally missed this message. :see_no_evil:

Very pleased to hear you’ve signed up to VCP - and I love the Rising Stars plan. The good news is you’re going to be hearing about the Autumn allocation very soon indeed - we’re mailing the details to you on August 31st!

It’s not a mixed case, no - you get four cases per year or four different wines. :wine_glass: Please do let us know what you get?! :smiley:


Thanks Laura - You have literally made my month!

Ha yes that’s one of the reasons I chose that particular plan - it’s almost impossible to guess what it’ll be! This makes the excitement and intrigue stakes ever so much higher though!

I’m putting my guess at something like a big, bold, beautiful Argentinian malbec


So the most waited for envelope ever finally dropped! My allocation:

  • Vina Zorzal Malayeto Garnacha Navarra 2015
  • Sobon Estate Rocky Top Amador County Zinfandel 2014

So pleased as i would probably not have ever picked those 2 so delighted to be expanding my palate!


Ah fantastic, thanks for sharing! I was going to ask what you got but forgot as I was on hols.
The zinfandel looks great (and looks like you won’t have to wait too many years to be able to enjoy it!), and I love the Zorzal wines - how exciting! Was that your first ever allocation? :grinning:


Hi @laura yes my first ever and it gives me great faith in the reason why i started the plan…to have great ‘new’ wines and to discover things outside my current palate. Hope you enjoyed your hols! Any good bottles sampled?


Opened the very first bottle of my VCP this evening - the 2008 vintage of this:

Garnet in colour with a brick-ish rim, cherries and raspberries, beautifully soft tannins and quite a long finish. Absolutely delicious and I’m looking forward to having some more of it this weekend at a dinner party we are hosting,

Looking forward to enjoying some more VCP delights when the time is right!

Weekend Drinking Thread [17 Nov]

Out of curiosity, did you think this was in its prime drinking window? I have a 2008 Brunello tucked away and don’t know whether I should be ignoring it for a couple more years or dusting it off for action this weekend! I’m inclined to not rush it, because I know Brunello ages well, but there’s always that risk of waiting too long…


I’m an absolute philistine when it comes to that sort of thing. All I know is that it tasted great and very well balanced/integrates - no one aspect stood out as being too much fruit or acidity etc. The only way I could tell it was 14% abv was by looking at the label.

Sorry if this is not very helpful.


Definitely helpful, thank you! I probably wouldn’t know either, but if you felt it was well balanced and harmonious and still fruity, then that’s as good a guide as any.


I’ve been subscribed to the rising stars plan from late 2011. Not had any disappointments so far.

Same allocation as @Nowt_in_my_glass in August this year.

TWS staff: out of interest, do all VCP subscribers get the same allocation, or is it varied somehow to try offer a balanced cellar over time to subscribers, based either on their VCP subs, or even total members reserves/ order history? Thanks.


Oooo they do look good choices too, especially the navarra! I’ve actually just swapped to the wine without fuss plan as i think I’m just a bit too impatient and would like more wine for drinking now and with more variety. I actually upped from 24 bottles with the vcp to 36 with wwf and will purchase single bottles of interesting looking offerings for laying down. For me i am forever curious and would go for purchasing individual 50ml samples x 15 if i could rather than a whole bottle!


Witch of the WWF plans did you go for?


I went for french classics mixed (march), wonders mixed (July) then french classics mixed (nov)

I also think i tend to trade up a bit too often in that i always go for 15-20 and missing out on cracking bargains. I can still keep on with these but make it more of a treat or occasion

I may add the discovery case and do it once a quarter as the example list looked excellent. First delivery of the french case is due Wednesday :slight_smile:


Keep toying with idea of WWF. But then think need to align purchasing rate with drinking rate a little better!
Be interested to hear about your selection on Wednesday.


Haha yes my purchase rate always outstrips my drinking rate. Yes i shall report back on wednesday. Incidentally, @robert_mcintosh why aren’t examples of wine without fuss cases on the website? (Or more easily found if they are)…though i had a good overview from leigh and lauren who gave me details


Hi @woodap This was the selection

2 (s) of Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis Sainte Claire 2015
2 (s) of Château Reynon Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux 2016
2 (s) of Château Moulin du Bourg, Listrac-Médoc 2012
2 (s) of Cotes de Provence Chateau de Barbanau Blanc 2016
2 (s) of Côte Roannaise Eclat de Granite, Sérol 2016
2 (s) of Crozes Hermitage Les Jalets Paul Jaboulet Aine 2015

I’m especially interested in the Cote Roannaise which is a loire gamay - I definitely would not have chosen these wines (with the exception of the Crz-H, which I have bought before) left to my own devices so I’m really pleased to crack open these.

I also withdrew my 2 half case of reserves, so 24 bottles turned up yesterday and my cellar is now HEAVING!! I have had to purchase an extra 72-bottle wine rack!


Good selection.
I’ve previously had the Chablis/Listrac/Crozes and enjoyed all 3 (though will have been differing vintages).

Loire Gamay does sound interesting- I’ll await your tasting notes…

Re the WWF cases in general, how useful are the notes & food matches sent with the wines? Is it just what can be found on the website sent in print or additional/varied information?


Hi @woodap I am certainly looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I think the actual amount of info on the WWF with seeing what selections/tasting notes etc is quite poor - One of the few things I don’t like about the website. I requested it through the chat box pop-up thing and got examples of all of the case types …all of them looked excellent! I’ve received previous flyers advertising the service before but couldn’t work out what I would be buying as there was no explanation of what you received - The only reason I researched it further is I wanted to drink more wine ‘now’ rather than lay it down and wanted TWS selection process as i’d just cherry-pick.

You get an extra pamphlet of notes with your delivery with the best food pairings i’ve ever read with plenty of detail - You can tell the person who did it has a really solid picture of what the pairing wanted to achieve.

All in all for the WWF - Lacking in promoting it and communication, but once you’ve ordered it you’ll be delighted!


Opened the first one of these last night, bought through the VCP World Classics a couple of years ago:

If that’s what Calicabs are all about, sign me up! Wow it was nice. I’ll have some more these evening to post a proper description but it was full of black fruit but also seemed pretty well integrated.

I might have to rejoin the World Classics VCP as I doubt very much that I would have bought this on my own.