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Vintage Cellar Plan_


Hi all,

Just wondering how the vintage cellar plan works? I signed up in about August/September last year, the landing page says my next allocation is due in Feb - when will I find out what I’ve been allocated/when they will be delivered?

Sorry for the n00b questions but this is my first time!!



You’ll probably get a magic black envelope on your door mat the first week of March.

If you’re super keen it should pop up in your ‘my wines’ section online by the end of the month.


Delivery is up to you. You can have it within a few weeks, or let TWS keep it in storage, which is free for the first year.



If you’ve no suitable area at home, it’s best to at least take advantage of the first years free storage.

Some people feel it’s not really worth paying for storage on bottles with a value of less than £25 or so. If you agree and you’re in the rising stars plan, do you have any idea what you’ll do when you take delivery?