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Vintage 2018 Burgundy EP offers and tastings (non TWS)



Thanks for the feedback Dan.
I am keen on Magnien’s lower level wines (coteaux, grains fins)


I’ve not had any of his wines when mature but I had a more favourable impression of the grains fins on Monday than last year’s EP. I say jump in!


Anyone has any experience with Domaine Chandon de Briailles? Wondering what their style is (especially whites)… No new oak, that much I know.


Seeing the thread on the 2018 Rhone EP… I guess no info about the burgundy EP?
I think TWS being consistently late in putting out their offers is a bit detrimental, as people may have used their budget elsewhere already to secure allocations…


Well, it should be March…


Not a white I’m afraid, but I had their 2005 Savigny Premier Cru Lavières about 18 months ago and I loved it. Built to last: it was drinking beautifully, but it clearly had the structure to keep going for a while longer; the vintage helped, no doubt. Very fragrant, lovely texture, very satisfying, and the oak was a helpful assistant rather than the boss.

I have another bottle and I don’t feel like I’m in any mad rush to open it. Don’t know what it was like in its youth though…