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Vintage 2018 Burgundy EP offers and tastings (non TWS)



For those interested in or already hooked on the region.

It is again that time of year, when Burgundy EP offers and EP tastingsstart coming. This is a topic to discuss expectations, plans or anything else in relation to this new vintage until the Society’s offer is out in February (?)…

Or if you want to say how overpriced these wines are and that you will give them a wide berth, please also don’t hold back.

I have had three offers come through recently and the BBR one is also imminent. I will probably buy less than in the previous year in an attempt to balance my cellar, but will keep building certain verticals…

On the vintage… when I was buying my 2017s a year ago at my local, they advised me to save my money for the 2018s…

L&W have slightly updated their format… Some growers (the usual suspects) will be allocated between Cellar Circle members with interest to be registered till end of February. The rest is on a first come first served basis and already available on the website (here). I have been buying single bottles (I know) of Clos Frantin Malconsorts for the last few years, so will continue with this for the 2018 vintage, too.

Mark Haisma has sent through his offer late November to those on the mailing list (you can still sign up). The main attraction for me is that he is making his wines available in customer mixed dozen(s). Another plus is that his offer is a mix of Burgundy and Rhone. The annual tasting is at Vinotheque in the City on 14 January 2020 (no RSVP required).

Le Grappin have sent through their pre-release offer with a considerable discount to the normal offer and expected retail price. They will also be at the Vinotheque tasting mentioned above. I am sure you can get a link to the offer if you email them. They also offer various pre-mixed cases.

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2018 Burgundy vintage

I’m going to the L&W and Stannary tastings and will likely also go to the Ozgundian one, although a recent bottle of Grappin was a bit disappointing and I don’t really like Haisma’s style.

Have already bought 4 bottles of Hudelot-Noellat, 4 bottles of Bernard Moreau and 6 bottles of J-M Boillot, based on tasting notes.

I’m also a buyer of Clos Frantin Malconsorts, although I haven’t opened any yet…


What is Haisma’s style, out of curiosity?


I was talking to Emma of Le Grappin just before Christmas, she’s very excited about their 2018s. They’ll even do a mixed 7 (i.e. one of each of their wines) if you don’t want it kept in bond.

Should also mention that Jane Eyre (yes, she’s actually called that!) will also be showing her (excellent!) wines at the tasting on the 14th! Great to hear that Mark is selling mixed cases this year, it’s put me off in previous years that he was adamant that you needed to buy whole cases.


I find it very bright and fruit-driven. Most people seem to be fans!


I will hopefully be popping in to the Haisma tasting. Never tried his wines before, so looking forward to it.


Been reading vintage tasting reports from various sources (pro, amateurs)…
They all refer to how, due to the hot weather and resulting high alcohol / lack of acidity in grapes, heterogeneous the quality seems to be across makers.
Obviously, the merchants reports all claim they have selected the wineries and wines that have successfully dealt with the difficult conditions of the vintage…
As far as I am concerned, that’s lots of red flags for EP buying of non-tasted wines, in a vintage that have abundant quantities, and where prices are expected to still be on the rise…
2017s are even showing up in auctions at discounted prices (at least in the US…)


Interesting thread. I wonder where the early gossip of brilliant wines everywhere came from. Those tasting the wines seem clear that this is much more hit and miss. The BBR offer seems priced for a ‘great’ year with additional guff about low yields in 2019. Or something. And the burgundy buyer for BBR now looks decidedly younger than some of the burgundy I own.

I really can’t be arsed with Mark Haisma, mainly because it isn’t burgundy. It tastes more like Australia to me. I have heard that Jane Eyre is the thing but I would mainly buy it on account of the Bronte’s. Every now and then I get a bit obsessed with getting my mitts on a particular producer, this year it is the turn of Meo Camuzet. Anyone who gets a look at these please let me know.

I will probably witter more later.


Lots of offers out well ahead of any of the major critics publishing notes. I wonder if it’s producers and retailers trying to beat each other to the punch - or if there are going to be some nasty surprises when Jancis et al give their pronouncements. I am holding on for now but am only ever in this market up to about £20/bottle so it’s about spotting a decent Bourgogne or CDNV and maybe a case of village Chablis if reviews indicate it’s worth it.


Another thought; no rush. I have in the past wriggled uncontrollably in my chair waiting for TWS to put it’s burgundy offer out. Not this time, I am sure that the usual suspects will be snapped up by those with allocations but overall I doubt the wines will surge in price or suddenly become unavailable. The lateness of TWS offer may be a distinct advantage allowing a fuller appraisal of the information available. And there seems to be plenty of good back vintages and producers about. At a price.


I’m going to the Lea & Sandeman tasting in a couple weeks. Probably 6 or 12 bottles of red, not particularly flash and only after tasting. Will be giving TWS a miss this year but they still might get money off me for Barolo.


I too was told repeatedly last year that the 2018 reds would be worth the wait and the inevitably increased prices, although quantity was well up. I have already bought a little through Lay & Wheeler from growers I know/trust. I’m going to their tasting on the Monday (and Jeroboams on the Tuesday) so hope I like the ones I’ve already committed to!
I do set a lot of store by Clive Coates’ vintage reports (the 2019 one is here) - unbiased, knows his stuff, lives there, and writes a monthly update as the year progresses. He reported a lot of happy burgundians after the 2018 harvest, and rather undermines the tales of woe about the 2019s that some merchants are emphasising - “buy now as there will be none next year” stuff. So I won’t be panic buying, but it seems too good a vintage to miss out on.
I’ll be interested to hear what the Burgundy fans here conclude from the tasting week. Happy hunting!


JR has started publishing and all seems quite positive; in particular Bourgogne and village wines scoring consistently in the high 16s. A very incomplete picture so far so I think my suspicions may have been wide of the mark and the whole Burgundy EP round is just moving forwards in the calendar.


One statement worth sharing from their overview is:

“For those who are looking for red burgundy they can actually afford, there is some very good news in the Côte de Nuits: regional and village wines seem to have benefited from the generous and joyful fruit of the vintage. Benjamin Leroux feels that in many instances there is less of a step up from village to premier cru in 2018. This is not equally true of the whites, based on the wines tasted so far, however.”

Personally I adored the 2015 reds and expect to buy a few different 2018s, especially if there are some good village-level wines from producers I like.



Anyone tried this yet?

Article in current Decanter mag suggesting it’s on a par with the 1947 vintage.



I’m going to the L&W, Stannary and Uncorked tastings next week - but haven’t tried any so far! I’m quite excited…


I’m off to the en primeur event at my local wine store on Feb 7th. I’m über excited about trying out the 2018s. The 2017s were nice, but the 2018s apparently are top quality.

Enjoy your tasting and do report back.



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I will also be attending the Lay and Wheeler tasting on Monday. Would anyone like to meet up from this forum?