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Vinous Vocalisations


I’m regularly amused by Sedimental, With an ‘adult language’ warning, this entry made me chuckle - I’ve heard many of these reactions.

Any others you’ve heard yourselves?


Haha!! I think I’ve said pretty much all of these.

A couple more I’ve heard a fair bit:

“Cor, the legs on that!”

“I can’t stop SNIFFING it!”

“Oh WOW. Right, if I put another bottle of this in the fridge now it’ll be ready by the time we need it…”


The Sediment boys are always good for a chuckle :+1:


This really made me laugh out loud! :rofl::rofl: some of the pronouncements were embarrassingly familiar!!


I think the finest praise for a wine I have heard was a “F*** me that’s good” uttered after the first sip. It popped up in an otherwise well-mannered gathering in a smart restaurant. Fortunately there were large gaps between the tables - and it was the restaurant manager who was commenting.


At Great Western Wine’s portfolio tasting last autumn, a friend and I were getting stuck into a delicious TBA, can’t remember who made it now but things were getting a little blurry by then to be honest. A total stranger, with the same wine in his glass, turned to us and declared, “Now that is a high-five wine!”

I had to high-five him.


I still regret the time I spontaneously said “Ooh! That’s the absolute dog’s bollocks!” in the wrong company.