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Vineyard "Wedding venues"


Congratulations @Leah! Hope you had a wonderful day.


Congratulations Leah! Excellent use of unexpected opportunity!


Everything is closed here, so back to the condo & into the hot tub :rofl:


Congratulations ! to many happy years together !


Ahhh! Best place to celebrate! :wink::clinking_glasses:


Amazing and wonderfully different wedding photo - Congratulations @Leah and husband. Some good news at last!! :slightly_smiling_face::tada::champagne:`



Very many congratulations :tada: So lovely to have some happy news! And it’ll certainly be something to remember and talk about to your grandchildren.


First post here, but have enjoyed your informative posts Leah .
Many congratulations to you and your family

All best




Well done! What a great idea, to do it in the snow.


Congratulations, what a lovely place to have a wedding.


Woohoo! Congratulations! :clinking_glasses::clap:


WAH! I’ve just seen this - HUGE congratulations, @Leah! I’m so pleased that in such dark times something so wonderful has happened. :heart::sparkling_heart: And thank you for sharing that joy here too. You all look so happy! :heart_eyes:


A ray of sunshine in an otherwise pretty bleak week! Congratulations…you kept that secret well when we met last week!! Which seems like about a year ago…



Congratulations @Leah! That’s fantastic news, and what a brilliant photo. Wishing you every happiness x


Congratulations and what a beautiful picture. But you haven’t told us which wines.


[quote=“SPmember, post:57, topic:1248, full:true”]
Congratulations and what a beautiful picture. But you haven’t told us which wines
Mr Leah came back from the supermarket with these yesterday … I’m not sure how long he thinks we’ll be here :rofl:! We had a Napa Mumm and still have an Anderson Valley Roederer to get through too :see_no_evil::rofl:


Many congratulations @Leah!!


Great reviews on the website! It’s on my wishlist…