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Vineyard "Wedding venues"


You could always try an English vineyard wedding?


Hi Leah,
This is my first post so hello to all :blush:
My partner and I are getting married in France next month.
We found the local chaplaincy very helpful. Their website here: https://churchinmidipa.org/index.php
I believe there are some rules about residency, but if you contact them I am sure they could give you some advice.


Wonderful thanks @Marc_12 … couldn’t possibly justify a 30 day residency before nuptials !! Welcome to the community and good luck with the wedding ! Maybe you can post some pictures after the event here for everyone to see ? Thanks for the info .


@JayKay, then I’d have to invite far too many people :thinking::wink:.


Thanks @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis, Leeuwen had caught my eye so I’ll be looking into that if the event ends up downnunder. At this point maybe we’ll just elope and seek out a quiet Caribbean beach … it’s seeming like an awful lot of hassle :see_no_evil:… is a future bride supposed to say that ?? :rofl::rofl::rofl:! Probably not . Thanks for the blog info too I’ve read it through :wink:.


I’ll happily share some pics @Leah. Thanks for the good wishes and good luck with your venue search!


Just the Community and a few close friends…


Great idea… BYOB…:joy:


What? Bring your own Bride? Now that’s what I call a d.i.y. wedding!


D.I.Y. Wedding??? You may be on to something here @ewan! How about the community take a role and adopt the “don’t tell the bride” format and organise it for me?? I’m up for that. I think it could work…:smiley:


Oh yes! This could be our biggest challenge yet… I think we could all have a good guess at what @Leah would like. Who’s in? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I think as the “day” has been put back again you might have to commandeer the ship and get the Captain to do the nuptials…:rofl:


Now … there’s a thought @cerberus :wink:. I’ll just have to wait until its in a nice port .


Save your money. Registry office, box of stowells of chelsea and spend the rest on something more exciting :wink:


I thought Elvis in Vegas was a good idea but that got vetoed… not sure why :thinking:


Set up a tent in the back garden. Will also help with the costs after next March.


Its an option… I’m a lazy bride to be…:joy::wink:


I started this topic over 2 years ago looking for recommendations for a wedding venue so I thought I would spread some happy uplifting vibes to cheer everyone up today …
This is how we spend our St.Patricks day yesterday on Mammoth mountain in the Sierra Nevada… finally got round to it :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Massive massive congratulations, Leah!! :tada::tada::tada: looks like you celebrated in style! :smile:
Fantastic news! :+1: