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Vineyard "Wedding venues"


I’m looking for some suggestions and/or recommendations for Vineyard wedding venues or even little towns/ villages surrounded by vines in stunning countryside .
After 8 years, a 5 year engagement and 2 kids I really need to start thinking about organising the nuptials. (My catholic mother will be ecstatic :rofl:)!
Up until now, life has gotten in the way of organising anything ,(& Chris Helmsworth is off the market :rofl::rofl:).
So if I don’t at least start thinking about it, I’ll find myself in a wedding dress at 60 :joy::scream:!! That’s not going to be a good look for me :joy:.
We want to get married abroad, you know, to whittle down the freeloaders and to just invite our nearest and dearest! We’d also like to check out some venues this summer.
I love France so that would be the no.1 destination venue, with Italy coming a close second . Would consider also Spain and Portugal should the venue be amazing. Within a reasonable distance to an airport would be advantageous and obviously there needs to be an abundance of amazing wine :wine_glass:! So if any of you old romantics out there know of a beautiful Vineyard/Chateau venue,I would love to hear your suggestions as it would make my shortlist much easier to work through!’ Thanks guys and girls :wine_glass::wine_glass::+1:


What a great question and an opportunity to play a very small part in the day.

Nothing jumps immediately to mind, but I will certainly think about it.

All the very best with the whole project


This could be an extended project … be warned :rofl::rofl:!
But thanks, all suggestions will be greatly received !
Just hoping the folks don’t drop dead with the shock of me actually finally getting it sorted ! :clinking_glasses::champagne:


Two that immediately spring to mind are:

Coffele (Soave). The views across the vines are to be seen to be believed, and the space is fabulous. In season, it’s the drying room for their Recioto di Soave - out of season it’s a fabulous function room, and the quality of food is outstanding.

Fontodi (Panzano, Chianti) - fabulous luxury agriturismo with function room. Not eaten there, but knowing Giovanni Manetti, the quality will be superb.


Thank you thank you Ewan , I’ll check these out :slightly_smiling_face:


This place is nice, stayed on a B&B basis three or four years ago, but they do cater for weddings, but not sure about the details, my French is not that good, maybe worth looking into, lovely setting in Margaux.


@cerberus, this place looks beautiful, thank you , I definitely think it needs a visit :wine_glass::+1:


This could be worth looking at. Corbieres area and a beautiful setting.


Thanks @JayKay this looks lovely too :+1:


Sooooo a slight update … we are hoping to spend Christmas down under this year ! I know it’s a long way off still but planning is everything. My twin brother lives in Perth and is due a baby this month. I haven’t seen him in over 5 years and well I bloody miss him …! Anyway … we kind of thought that a little wedding around the Swan river or Margaret river might just fit in quite nicely and my brother could be there with his family :+1:! (Also, the weather will be ace!!)
So , the question is : who’s been ?? The Swan or the Margaret??
I’ve been down the Swan a very very long time ago when I was barely of legal age so don’t remember much of it …
anybody been and can recommend a Vineyard wedding venue in either of those destinations??


I have no idea as to the quality of this as when I was there it didn’t exist, lovely area near superb beaches.


I don’t think you will get many vineyard wedding venues as the area as you know is relatively sparsely populated, the Swan river even more so.


Cullen would be a great venue


Thank you wise people of the community👍


Good one Ewan, they did nothing like that when I was there years ago, this venue use is now big business.


I felt an update was in order. Unfortunately, we have no idea at the moment if the other half will be offshore at Christmas or not. More than likely wont find out until late October which at that point will be too late to book flights down under as the prices will be astronomical. :tired_face:.
So back to the drawing board. I did previously mention this could be a long project… I’m feeling it may be.
Whilst in Burgundy, we saw a gorgeous chateau which had a wedding just about to start in the old stables and it looked just beautiful. (I’ll post the photos). However, friends of ours who live in Dijon told us that its impossible to marry in France unless you are in fact resident there… does anyone know anything about this??

So right now I’m still really liking @ewan 's suggestion of Coffele, I’ll probably like the suggestion even more by the time I get through the bag in box arriving on Thursday… but anyway I digress …! @cerberus Chateau Giscours also still appeals but only if they serve the real stuff…:sweat_smile:.
More suggestions always welcome and I might actually get around to booking something in the next year…:smiley::+1:


I am sure it will all fall into place, these things have a way of just happening…


A quick phone call to the French Embassy should sort that one out.


Or maybe a google search :wink:


FCO advice notes are good for this type of question.


@Leah - I don’t know if it’s any help, but I came across this site which has practical details on getting married in France -
(Getting married in France)

On Australia, Christmas flights are always unaffordable IMHO - prices do drop off rapidly during January however and the weather is often better. Plus their late availability is better.

On Margaret River, another couple of wineries worth investigating - because they have good restaurants and are scenic - would be Vasse Felix and Leeuwin. And both are in the top flight of producers. There are likely many more.

Of other Australian winegrowing areas, maybe Maclaren Vale is worth a look. I’ve seen a number of wineries offer the wedding takeover, and the general vibe there these days seems to be distictly Italian. The beaches are usually only a 10 minute drive away and they are generally a lot more impressive than those of Margaret river.