Vineyard for sale

Kerry Vale Vineyard near Churchstoke is for sale at £650k. Not sure whether the actual vines are in England or Wales the border wobbles around here!
6000 vines maturing, but with a house, shop, bonded store, cafe etc. Quite a new development. Wines are typically English.

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Shall we all club together…? :smile:


Community Cuvee??


Ha ha! that was my first thought! :rofl::rofl:
Domain Wine Society… Hm! requires some thinking about…!

Shall we start the crowd funding now? :smiley:

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Who are we kidding? We’d drink all the profits :rofl::rofl:


Would that not be the point?
I took part in Wineshare many moons ago paying a subscription for my vines then taking a share of the produce. They were based in Côte de Duras and had an affiliation with another vineyard in the Luberon so had a good variety of reds, whites and a sweet one too. There may have even been a sparkling.It was fun and cheap, but after 10 years I traded up to TWS :clinking_glasses:
They sent the wine to a warehouse near Calais for UK tax free personal collection.