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Vina Zorzal offer



I just received the offer below. Does anyone know anything about this. At £26 this isn’t mega cheap but is it, as they suggest, a severely limited brilliant exclusive offer that should be jumped at? At least for a Spanish wine lover like myself?


I was lucky enough to try this straight out of tank with Pierre in Spain earlier this year and I can say it’s amazing. If you like floral, elegant garnacha then this is perfect for you. Was definitely a highlight of the trip.

I know i’ll be getting some and squirreling it away for a couple of years.


I have just bought a case of the David and Nadia Swartland Grenache on the recommendation of Jancis which is very similarly priced - so will take a pass on this one. They sound like quite similar wines, exploring the gentler side of Grenache.


I don’t suppose you might have tried their Cuatro del Cuatro?

It’s obviously a cheaper wine and from younger grapes, but they are both Zorzal, both Grenache, both Navarra…

It’s just I have one of those that I was planning on opening soon and was wondering if the style is similar?


Gra Iano and Garnache are not the same…



It’s a common mistake and one I used to make but as @szaki1974 has mentioned graciano is actually it’s own grape variety and not Grenache or garnacha as the Spanish call it.

Have pulled this from another site…

Graciano is used mostly in blends with Tempranillo in it’s native Spain. It is prized for the spiciness, acidity and tannin that it gives as the minor component in blends.

A naming mess: The original variety is Spanish and is named Graciano in its homeland the Northern Spanish Ebro Valley and Navarra. It is grown in the Jerez region under the name Tintilla de Rota.

Graciano is used in France under the name Morrastel. But the Spanish use the variety called Mourvedre (or Mataro in Australia) under the name Morrastel.

To add to the confusion the Portuguese variety Tinta Miuda is now known to be to be the same variety.

Not to be outdone the Californians grow Graciano under the name Xeres.

Confused yet?


But is it - Lecciones - more than twice as good as


To add to the confusion the TWS page for the cuatro del cuatro graciano says ‘Grenache/Garnacha’ in the wine attributes section…


I think this Garnacha may be worth a punt if it’s still in stock next month for me. Interesting that TWS’ drinking window starts next year on it - must be full on.


That’s what I was going on…

Ahhhhhh decisions decisions…


Even their basic, entry level Grenache is a superb value and delicious wine, so I can imagine that this might be quite tasty, especially with the insiders knowledge of @horsleym… I’d like to try a few bottles, but will have to wait till after payday…


I have indeed and have flagged the issue of it showing ‘garnacha’ to our web team who should change that soon. The Cuatro del Cuatro definitely 100% graciano.

I absolutely love graciano - from Zorzal it’s typically packed with violet perfume, dark fruit, good acidity & tannin (but ripe) and a strong blackcurrant leaf and chocolaty character.

The Lecciones (100% garnacha) is more red fruit forward with higher acid and - despite our drink date starting in 2019 - I remember it being surprisingly approachable straight out of tank. Two years I’d give it to help the oak integrate but it’s the incredible quality of the fruit that shone through on this for me.

I agree with @VinoVeritas , I think all of their wines are stunning and it makes a really interesting tasting doing them all side by side (good 6 bottle mixed case opportunity I reckon!).