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Village Castigno - the boutique wine village retreat?


Hello all!

Like a total dork I carried my Metro around with me all day yesterday because it had a really interesting travel piece in it about a nearly forgotten little village in the Languedoc which has been revitalised and is now a super-hip wine retreat destination - and I wanted to tell you guys about it! Here’s some more info:

It’s called Village Castigno, and it’s a boutique hotel, which has sort of taken over the village as most of the ‘rooms’ are individual buildings which have been refurbished. The buildings have been repainted by a designer inspired by the pinks, purples and reds you see in the dregs of grape juice after pressing/the winemaking process (I forget precisely what!) The winery itself is apparently wine-bottle shaped.

There’s no wifi (except in one single room at the winery) so it’s a real middle-of-nowhere digital-detox type retreat, but there’s gorgeous restaurants and food and it’s all very relaxed and lovely.

Anyway, you’ve probably all heard of it, but I’m hoping at least one of you hasn’t - I was quite taken with it!


Gosh! It looks and sounds so lovely… especially on this sunny day, trapped as I am at work…
We’re off to Provence in 3 weeks, but I think this will be a bit out of our way. Still, there are plenty of future holidays… :sunglasses::sun_with_face::clinking_glasses:
Thanks for sharing! :+1:


New to me too - thanks for sharing.

I’ve seen a few tourism projects where they take over whole abandoned hamlets for hotel / restaurants, etc. but never seen one so wine-themed. Might be worth worth organising a visit!

(though wine-bottle shaped winery rings alarm bells of style over substance)



The wine-shaped bottle winery reminds me of this hotel in Catalonia:


I leave it up to you whether this looks like a wine bottle… this place makes it onto the bucket list though…


Being in St Chinian means being spoiled for choice if the on site winery is a let down, and you could get to their vineyards in a 2CV. One to add to the list for a mad long weekend…


So nice to see lots of good reactions to this! Even though I liked the look of it I wasn’t sure if it would seem too hipster-y (I’m one of them pesky millenials).

Although I’m probably going to ruin it now by highlighting one of their many ‘experience’ packages, which is peak hipster:

Choose a musical style such as folk, jazz or classical from your picnic basket, as it includes a turntable ready to play (works on batteries) and enjoy the picnic of your dreams for two on a beautiful tablecloth, with prepared jars from our restaurants, fresh home-made bread, and a bottle of our organic wine.

I wonder if they have any Spice Girls…

Although good to know it’s not far from other wineries - definitely sounds like it’s worth a trip now…!



And if you lift the back seat out of your 2CV, you have seating for 2 for your picnic.
Happy days


That looks brilliant! Also so much Instagram potential :heart_eyes: (I’m completely viewing this as a fellow millenial :joy:)