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Viewing your own reviews on the website


Not sure if I’ve missed it (been looking for a while!) but I can’t find a way to view all of my reviews on the society website?

I don’t have many mind, but it’s something I thought I’d be able to find under My Account. I’m occasionally interested in seeing what impressions I had of past wines.


I don’t believe there is a way at this time.

When the site was built, the reviews were created to link only to the product they were posted on - i.e. the link was only to the product, not the user. The member information is/was a text field appended to the review when posted, not a link.

At the time there were few reasons to link these reviews back to the user.

If you look through the wines in your past orders or wishlist, you will be able to then see your notes associated with the individual wine.

However, things are changing and this is something that is being looked into. I am working with the team to look at ways to make content on the main site be more interactive and incorporate the community more - but it may take some time to design, implement and publish.


I’d like to support Tom’s ‘suggestion’.
From Robert’s reply I understand why it isn’t currently possible and the cost of a rewrite may not be sensible but…
being able to sort my previous purchases by my star rating would make it easier to reorder ones I’d liked but forgotten about.