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Vienna recommendations

Hi everyone,

Visiting Vienna next week for a few days and I wonder if anyone had any recommendations of vineyards, that are near to Vienna and easy to get to by public transport, that are worth visiting?

Vienna has plenty of vineyards in the city, as well as the wonderful Heurigen

There are boat tours up the Danube to the Wachau valley, also full of lovely scenery and history as well as some of Austria’s best wine. The rest of Austria’s wine regions are also fairly easy to do by car (and some of them by train).

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Don’t have any vineyard recommendations but can thoroughly recommend the Naschmarkt. Great food and flower market with some good though probably expensive sit down restaurants open in the evening. We had a fabulous fish meal there with a great bottle of wine - my first encounter with Gruner Veltliner :heart_eyes:

Belvedere gardens were beautiful and peaceful and the gallery there has Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss if you like that kind of thing.


And as a further, non-vineyard suggestion I’d say that The White Chimney Sweep (Zum Weissen Rauchfangkehrer ) has a very nice little wine list. Lots of aged Austrian reds that were terrific and very reasonably priced. Was a big surprise as I’d never tried much in the way of their aged reds.