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Veggie meal suggestions with Cab Sav from Australia?



Hello all!
So Saturday morning planning ahead of what to drink and eat together tonight! We start by picking our wine (Coonawarra Cab Sav from Australia) and then try and figure food to match! we are trying for enviro / health reasons to eat less meat so I’m reaching out to see if anyones had some good experiences recently of veggie dishes with a nice cab sav they would recommend :slight_smile: thanks in advance for the advise!

Kelly (And Stephen!)


I would say ideally something with quite a lot of flavour to stand up to the richness of the Cab sav. Maybe a mushroom and leek pie or a hearty root vegetable stew.


A rich and well-flavoured vegetable chilli without too much of the latter!


Roast cauliflower steaks with dhall


As a veggie myself I’m always keen to find veggie dishes that can stand up to the rich full flavoured reds that I favour and this particular recipe from TWS is excellent and, whilst this one was targeted at rich Spanish reds, which is what I originally had it with and loved it, I think it would go excellent with an Aussie Cab Sauv.


Excellent suggestions all :slight_smile: thank you!


Maybe I am unusual but when we have meat at home it’s accompanied by ample vegetables and I drink the same red wine that I have with the meat when I eat those vegetables.