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VCP allocation

I may be wrong but I think Vins de Vienne are a negociant run by Yves Cuilleron, Pierre Gaillard & François Villard - 3 of the best independent names going around the N. Rhone atm?


Yes I was being a little facetious. I’m sure it’s good but I wanted something with a bit more wow factor/history to the vineyard. Hard to describe. That and I’m well stocked for Rhône.

Yes, but can one ever be overstocked for Rhône? :thinking: :wine_glass:


I’m after that elusive “balance” everyone keeps talking about. I always thought that meant roughly 50% blood alcohol level.


But surely you’re not overstocked for Rhone but understocked for everything else.

There’s actually not enough Bordeaux I would say.

Out of interest, has anyone got their November allocations through yet?

My French Classics A allocation has just appeared on the ‘my wines’ list this morning.

Haut-Batailley Verso 2017
Jadot/Gagey Marsannay Clos du Roy 2015

I must admit to being a bit underwhelmed by the Burgundy, though at least its a good vintage.

Hard to go wrong with a second wine from a great Pauillac house, though taken together, it’s hardly a package to get excited about - I hope to get through VCP some great wines that I wouldn’t or couldn’t have sniffed out on my own (which has often been the case with previous allocations).

But perhaps time and tasting will prove me wrong - here’s hoping. Certainly no complaints about the pedigree.


And just like that mine came through as well. I am on the World Classics and am pretty happy with the below:

Vergelegen The Mistake Merlot Stellenbosch 2014
Robert Oatley Finisterre Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


I got exactly the same, very very very very happy with these selections today.

My first post after reading lots of entries. I’m really enjoying the community and reading your views on food and wine. You all seem a jolly friendly and courteous lot but please tell me if I’m in the wrong thread, if this has been done to death etc etc.

My question - I’m signed up for the Claret B VCP with the first payment this month and first delivery in May. This will not be the only wine I buy to cellar and not the only Claret so I’m not too worried and am happy to take a punt. But I expect there to be a gulf between chateaux listed in the example and what’s in the case. From others’ experience is the gulf too wide? Or is it a case of WS buyers finding worthwhile value in lesser known wines?

I’m on a never ending search for petits chateaux and am buying to drink not invest. But am I signing up for the premium Claret plan or a petits chateaux/second wines/lesser years plan?

TIA for views.


I think the examples are just woefully out of date by 5+ years.

Inflation means that you’re not getting what you signed up for - IMO


I’m not on Claret B myself so this is guesswork rather than direct experience, but given the average bottle price guideline of £35-£50, I can’t imagine you’ll be allocated anything that’s not a classified growth.

Some of the other plans are more focused on finding value in lesser known chateaux and domains, as well as some second wines from the crus classés, but I think yours is very much the premium end.

On the disparity between the examples given and what you get in reality - this is definitely a source of irritation on the French Classics plans, especially the fact that the lists represents vintages which would clearly have been allocated five years ago or more, but certainly aren’t now (sadly).

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Received my allocations through the letterbox this morning - I’m on the Small Wonders plan.

  1. Undurranga TH Las Gaviotas San Antionio Pinot Noir 2016 - drinking window 2019-2024

  2. Chateau Lanessan, Haut Medoc 2015 - drinking window 2020-2030

I have experience of neither and so, given the type of plan, I’m happy with my lot. There’s some good ageing potential on both and it’s always nice to have something with a bit of age already on it. I don’t have much experience of Pinot Noir outside Burgundy so I look forward to trying that in due course. I think I’ll leave the claret alone for a little bit. I don’t mind getting Bordeaux as part of the plan as I don’t tend to buy much of it so it is nice to have it forced on me!

Reviewing my allocations since joining I think there is a good mix between France and the rest of the world. The three previous ones I’ve had included (in order of allocation by pair):

  • Miles Mossop Max Stellenbosch 2016 (2019 to 2026)
  • D’Arenberg The Wild Pixie Shiraz 2015 (2019 to 2025)
  • Gigondas Pierre Aiguille Paul Jaboulet Aine 2017 (2021 to 2030)
  • Ch Pey La Tour Reserve Bordeaux Superieur 2016 (2019 to 2024)
  • Vina Zorzal Malayeto Garnacha Navarra 2017 (2020 to 2026)
  • Nebbiolo Langhe GD Vajra 2018 (2020 to 2026)