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VCP allocation

Sorry, I don’t know which is from which plan yet but have assumed that the Nebbiolo and the Concha are the World Classics. I’ll know when I receive my letter.

Somebody on here might know if its possible to do on the website?

Well, on this note I have just sent an email to members services to pass it to the VCP team. I think this is a glaring omission - I for one would definitely sign up for this:


Please can I suggest the start of an Italian vintage cellar plan?

Currently, the range is very Franco-dominated and then ‘everything else’. Whilst I appreciate you can’t have every country as an individual plan, I think it would be reasonable to expect that Italy has enough diversity in the wine styles to offer, are age-worthy, are available in reasonable quantity, have established relationships with the wine society and enough of a commercial opportunity and appeal to the society’s membership.

Please could you pass this recommendation on to the VCP team, it would be much appreciated

Kind regards



I’ve thought there is scope for a French plan which falls outside of the current classics plan. Once upon a time a got Mas de Daumas Gassac in the rising stars plan but this, like many others would be too pricy for that these days. When you think of the quantity of decent wine from the Loire, Occitaine, Provence, South West France etc. that falls outside of the French Classics and is too expensive for the Small Wonders plan there would be loads of variety and plenty of choice


The Zorzal and the Nebbiolo are from the small wonders plan as I have that too.

This is claret B selection


That Valois has become my go to reasonably priced Pomerol. Very nice. Although it’s price has risen pretty sharply since I first bought it.


Don’t know what to make of these really.

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Yep i got both of these on my world classics plan. My first allocation, would not have probably picked either but thats part of the fun i guess. The cellar build begins now

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I have had the Zorzal in a previous allocation - It was totally underwhelming considering its price. The sobon estate Zin from Napa was absolutely fabulous though and more than made up for it. Yeah, can be a mixed bag and difficult to judge until you open it. I got a St Julien and Pomerol in the classics plan.

The example cellars and the allocations do seem a bit mismatched/unrepresentative

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So I had a French Classics C and a White Burgundy allocation:

The awful vintage Savigny Les Beaune and the cooperative Cote Rotie have gone back. At £300 a case of 6 I expected better, I’m afraid.

I’ve also now cancelled both plans as I want more control in my buying and have been generally underwhelmed by the allocations. The “Example Cellars” on the website don’t really bear much resemblance to the wines allocated in reality.


I got the same from French Classics A. Quite pleased, and I think both represent pretty good value - though that’s two allocations in a row where the value has undershot the subscription - this time by over £40. While I’m happy to have it back in my account to spend on more wine, I’d have been just as pleased to see something in there at the £30+ mark.

It’s also my second 2016 St Julien in a row - a great vintage no doubt, but i’m also looking for variety from VCP.

All in all I’m happy, but hoping next time to see something that addresses these two concerns.

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The point about the example cellars is a good one. I joined French Classics A last year on the promise of such as 09 Cantemerle and 10 Segla…

While I realised at the time these were clearly based on allocations from a few years back, given the disparity between the subscription level and current list price of those bottles, at the very least these lists need updating to reflect the kind of names and vintages we’re seeing allocated today.


I’d love to say the allocated wines have been of the quality of Duhart-Milon, Rauzan-Segla etc, but they haven’t really.


I might have held on to the Savigny, Bruno Clair is called the King of Marsannay so may be one to watch. Also be kind to 2014 it wasn’t bad for red, just exceptional for white

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Yeah, I like him as a producer but not really a S-L-B lover. And I’ve come to the recent realisation that I’m not actually (whisper it quietly) a massive Pinot Noir fan so I’d rather spend the money elsewhere.

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It’s a good point well made about the example cellars. The wines listed have much better reputations than the wines actually being offered.

I also agree that prices have not changed for a number of years but prices have risen. Personally, I would prefer the subscription rates to be increased to keep track as opposed to the quality/reputation of the wines allocated to dwindle.


Wooah better keep the PN preference on the down low

I mean I’ve bought some Burgundy but I’m buying more Cru Beaujolais nowadays, so the French Classics VCP just didn’t make sense anymore.


I’ve sent mine back and stopped.

I had my eye on a full case of Musar 2013 from a different supplier but was resigned to missing out because Covid stole my annual bonus :roll_eyes:

I can use the credit to buy 12 bottles of that. Its my eldest son’s birth year. I’ve taken it as a bit of a sign.


That’s the thing with these, you want to be absolutely thrilled with your allocation and I found I just wasn’t. So yes, far better to spend the money on something you really want like the Musar.