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VCP allocation

Wahooo! It’s that time again!

I’m pretty pleased with these.

No e-mail or black envelope of joy as yet, but they appeared in ‘my wines’ and the burgundy is only visible if I rotate my phone. Funny old world innit?

Has anybody else been allocated anything?



Not a lot of info as yet; the Undurraga is a 2016 Vintage.
My VCPs are Claret B and rising stars.


Can I ask if you don’t mind, do you receive 3 bottles of each wine? If that is the case and it is the same for all 4 of the allocations, how are you able to withdraw that from reserves?

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No worries👍 6 of each.

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I got



You get a full year free in reserves. I usually bring them home and send them down the cellar to be with their friends. :smiling_imp:


Sorry guys confused myself, I was reading “four different six-bottle cases per year” as you receive 1 x 6 bottle case 4 times per year, hence my question do you get 3 of each wine per case. I now understand [I think] that it is 12 bottles every 6 months, and you get 6 each of two wines at each allocation.

Sorry been a “taxing” day.

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@japcraw you’ve got it!

Have to say, @DrEm that Claret B allocation looks great. Sorely tempted to switch from my French Classics plan. Extra £30 a month :thinking:

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Yes… I agree, tempting. I had been on the French classics though for a few years so got a good spread of burgundy, claret, rhone. However, as my confidence with Rhone and Burgundy EP grew I changed over to the claret B where I think there has been a more available range come in than that usually available through TWS.
I’ll give it a few more years.

Same allocation as @Stefanovic and very pleased with them. :+1:


Does anyone know what happened to the Rising Stars VCP? I was considering signing up but it appears to have disappeared from the cellar plan options

I received notice that it is to change as sourcing rising stars is proving challenging for the current price. It’s going to relaunch under another name for £35/mth

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Yes I have got that too…Rising Stars ends (for me) in May to be replaced by ‘Small Wonders’ based on the existing section of the Fine Wine List of that name with increased cost. Not sure whether to continue or trade up to another VCP ( or stop completely and chose my own!!)

I received an allocation of La Lagune but have raised a query as I was charged 49/bottle whereas you can buy it on the regular website for 45/bottle.

Could be worth just double checking as I thought you got a minimum of 5 or 10% discount (can’t remember which but I would assume the lower).

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Ditto, well spotted
@laura can you please investigate?

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I got the same. Going to try the Bellene ROTT, I think. I’m less committed to Burgundy, though I do like it.

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Absolutely! It’s been passed onto the VCP team already and they’re looking into this and contacting all the affected members ASAP. Very eagle-eyed spot, team - thanks so much! :+1:


@laura can you please look into this please :blush:? I am interested.

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I’ve managed to find some info on the new Small Wonders plan we’re doing from January:

We’ve taken the lead from the Small Wonders section of our Fine Wine List, which has been enormously popular over the years. The brief for our buyers here is showstopping fine wines for £20 per bottle or less. The wines may come from the classic regions or could be a completely new, off-the-beaten-track discovery; they can come from growers we’ve worked with for generations, or new growers who are raising the bar. However, all must be absolutely delicious and suitable for cellaring for at least three years.

It’ll be live on the web in January and will be £35 per month - you’ll be able to subscribe in the new year and the first allocation will be in August 2019! :smiley:

Hope this helps.


From that description I think that’s me signed up then :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:.

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