Value of wine in your bottle

Although the below is slightly out of date with regards to change in duty rates it still does illustrate the point (also worth showing other friends if they always go with cheap wine), you can see by just spending £1 more per bottle you get a huge bump in ‘wine value’ eg how much of your hard earned cash actually goes towards wine.


Great illustration @M1tch would love to see the levels at 20, 30, 50 and 100 quid! :wink:

I cut and pasted this graphic onto my Twitter feed, and it went nuts. 7000 views and climbing, and loads of likes and retweets. It seems to be the evidence everyone was after! :+1:


It is a bit of a revelation when it is first pointed out to you.

I have a dear wish that retailers could price their wines PRE-duty and tax, and we could then see the true value of the wine, and realise how much we are paying to the Treasury each time we check out

(Not going to happen)


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On topic - I also try and have non drinking days (hard) and non drinking months (harder) - with mixed success. Also can exercise on a drinking day, the order I find is important… first exercise

Indeed - I will move the relevant threads to create an interesting, separate conversation (as you suggested previously)

Isn’t that exactly what happens in a lot of American shops? Not wine specifically, but I heard that US prices don’t include sales tax. You’re right, it would be nice to see exactly how much of the bottle price goes to the government - it would make people think twice about those 5 quid bottles.

Might also raise a bit more outrage about wine duty. I think a lot of people in the industry object to our Duty levels, particularly compared with other European countries, but I don’t think most people realise just how much of the price of their wine goes to the tax man!

Might I play devil’s advocate here and say what most people do not know is the £2.16 duty per 75cl bottle of wine is hardly an issue. In addition this is flat… so you pay exactly the same for plonk and a DRC. I understand that it is disproportionate for a bottle that is sold for £4… however I suspect that spending on healthcare linked to alcohol is comparable

I am pretty sure most are aware of VAT levels that is the real issue at 20% on the price (including duty) does seem steep if you compare to other European countries (there are ones with higher VAT by the way).

I do see what you mean, of course, but I’m still concerned about the fact that our duty per bottle is so high compared to most other European countries, disproportionately so in my opinion. That said, VAT is a huge issue too, I completely agree.

I honestly wonder how many wine drinkers have any idea about the taxes they pay per bottle of wine…?

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Similar infographic with £ values and additional granularity (maybe less punchy as a result…)

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We updated the graphic after November’s budget to reflect the latest figures.