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Value beats price for me


Perhaps the best feature of The Society for me is the honest appraisal of wine and offering it at a good price. I wish I had the cash for big names. But I can trawl for good value. For me a key feature of my wine shopping is trying to find wines which I like at prices which allow me to drink more of them. Which can be a fool’s errand if you like Burgundy.

But tannat from Uruguay is a good alternative to the same grape from Madiran wines from France and so on. I have found (horror of horrors!) that Alsatian whites make good spritzers in our recent hot summer.
And Sherry! Dios Mios! (My God) Such quality still undervalued. Thank goodness for value.


It’s like an inverse of the old Oscar Wilde quip about ‘knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing’.
I’m with you on price, and TWS is definitely one of the best places to find treasures which won’t break the bank. :ok_hand:


Value for money and that honest appraisal is key for me. I’m not that knowledgeable and if I take a punt on what looks like a good deal in the supermarket I’m usually wrong! The problem as I see it is that every good appellation CNdP, St Emilion, Margaux etc. inevitably have bad examples and in my experience these tend to be the ones the supermarkets sell (maybe ‘less good examples’ would be fairer). There are of course exceptions but I just don’t know enough to spot them! So in the supermarkets I have almost no gauge of real quality. With TWS I feel I mostly get a very honest assessment of quality and, in particular, QPR.

(see I’m picking up the terminology; eventually maybe I’ll be able to spot those bargains).