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Valentine's drinking thread


While we always have a weekend drinking thread , I thought it might be an idea to post what everyone’s drinking tonight .
Will it be a pretty pink sparkler ? A smouldering full bodied dark Italian? An exotic and mysterious South American? A bold and bubbly Californian? Or maybe a big and brash Aussie ?? ( honestly I am talking about wine here ) … for me I’ll be trying this on the recommendations of the community… Happy Valentines :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Last minute Valentines do's and don'ts

Just posted my one in the other thread :slight_smile:


The Society’s champagne has some age and is absolutely in my sweet spot now. Precise, clean and fruity with some tarte au pommes richness. The PM is my third from a six pack bought EP from TWS and should go well with seafood linguine. The previous two bottles have been good without ever justifying their price. But hey, if you can’t make highly extravagant cost signalling gestures on Valentine’s Day, when can you?


German and Greek!


Bit of Etna to have with some canapés and then the Allegrini with porcini risotto and duck breast.
Miserable outside, but, who cares.


Wow!! I’m impressed :+1:


Ooooh let us know what the Greeks like



Went very nicely with veal sirloin and spinach (me) and goats cheese and caramelised onion tart (better half). Not WS.


I’m afraid we didnt like it. Relegated to the cooking wine shelf and opened another bottle.


I love allegrini. La Poja is my absolute favourite


2008 Oremus Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos with a mini cheeseboard.


Cooked rare sirloin topped with blueberry sauce and last bottle of Cline Cool Climate Syrah from Sonoma County to help it down. (Not WS, sorry) Blueberries in wine flavours matched well.


Absolutely perfect …! Because my kids hate me and wouldn’t go to bed I’ve decided to have some of an already open bottle , a Sparkling Tokaji doux with Gorgonzola , so I’m in the Hungarian and cheese camp too tonight :+1:


Sounds amazing :wink:!


Well, I’m cooking duck breast and serving with this beauty (decanted already for about 3+ hours)

… but you’ll notice that the quantities are to serve 5 - my wife, two kids and mother-in-law

Maybe not the MOST romantic, but lots of love


Sounds like a great night planned @robert_mcintosh…;)!!
I’ll be opening my wine once the kids are asleep :joy:


I count 6, which clearly means a pair of (duck) breasts for you Robert. Enjoy.


ah, but I have a 9 year old boy and there was NO WAY I was getting the extra duck to myself! In fact we split it three ways ('coz we’re generous). A lovely evening


That sounds an interesting wine!


Any good? I have a bottle of this too. Looks suspiciously like it’s from Lay and Wheeler