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Valentine's Day gift - help!


Hi all,

We’re going to be away on holiday on V-Day this year but I’d still like to get Sam (my husband and fellow wine geek) a bottle of something nice for when we get back. I’ve loved your recommendations so much over the last few months that I’d love to get him something based on your suggestions. :blush:

So what I’m looking for is:

  • Probably red, but open to stunning whites too!

  • Something you’ve tried in the last year or so that’s really wowed you and been a sheer pleasure to drink

  • Something ready to drink now (our wine rack is too full!)

  • Price anything from £15 to £40ish

Other than that it really doesn’t matter - traditional or totally wacky, old world or new etc - I’d just love him to be able to enjoy a really wonderful bottle of wine.

Thanks in advance for your help - can’t wait to read your suggestions!


The Chateau Musar 09 I had a Christmas was a bit different :smiley:


The domaine maume GC @ ~£32 was outrageous…and there’s something very romantic about burgundy. Sigh…! I’ve just looked and it’s out of stock but here is the suggested alternative

Might i add, what’s wrong with a best of top gear dvd?

I shall be esquiring the other half to the rising stars tasting :heart:


Tasted this at a northern Spain tasting in January and it definitely had the wow factor for me.


Thanks for these suggestions, guys! Still a bit undecided but that white Rioja might be a very good shout, @JayKay! And that’s not a wine I’d have even considered otherwise, which is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. :smiley:


And at only £18, Laura, you have plenty left from your upper limit to us something else😉


Hi @laura, this may be out of the price range but my god it’s probably the nicest wines I’ve ever tasted … well top 3 anyway ! Research it a little and the different vintages but by god it’s fantastic :+1:


Just 8% battery left! @Leah living on the edge…


I think something sweet; I’m not a huge fan of dessert wine perhaps because I don’t often eat dessert (and almost never at home); but this was wonderful in the 2012 vintage and I’m sure is just as good in the 2013:

Minty is the key word; its sweet obviously but has terrific balance and is great with sorbet; very delicate and definitely has romance.


I wasn’t on time to convince Marjorie in the Showroom to join the community and post her thoughts for Valentine’s Day here, so @JO4WINE snaffled her article for the website … but I thought I would share it here since we may all need some pointers

… as usual, I’m late with my own plans

Please leave her comments here (and encourage her to keep posting great ideas and suggestions) :smile: